Blizzard needs to add a BARD Class

(Juuhachigou) #3

No more leather classes please, add another mail class.

(Velane) #4

Why not just tank and heal? We have classes that can only DPS, classes that can only heal and DPS, classes that can only tank and DPS, but no classes that can only tank and heal

Make bard the support class, no DPS! :speak_no_evil:

(Amine) #5

With personal loot this isn’t as big an issue as it used to be but I agree, why keep making more leather wearers. Not that I even want a bard class - I don’t.


I don’t like the idea of adding classes that don’t exist in the lore, especially when there are several classes from the lore that we can’t play yet. I mean, there are bards in WoW lore, but they are just musicians, they don’t have any heroics skills.

(Azuremi) #7

I played FF11 it had bard and it was so boring to play cause all you did was sing songs to buff people.


lemme stop you right there.

(Kypookins) #9

Yes, so awesome!

But no, not really.

(Honcus) #10

Because we need more of that apparently

isn’t this what the monk does?

(Juuhachigou) #11

Seeing class armor like that suddenly makes me want it, to bad they got rid of class armor.

(Andros) #12

They’re already having trouble with existing classes. I don’t think throwing a new one into the mix is a good idea.

(Crookedmán) #13

Blizz probably aren’t adding any more classes. If they do I’m sure they will be time gated.


Need to go old school D&D and make the ‘Elf’ class. To unlock must have max rep with every elf race or allied elf race in the game.

Bards should be like Bard’s Tale 4. Chainmail, decent melee fighters, and must drink booze to power their abilities.

They could seriously do more hero classes though. Diplomats, Shield Hammers, Bounty Hunters.


There’s a dwarf bard in the rogue class hall in the room with the weekly chest. Hired Bard I think is his title but I’m not 100 percent sure. Maybe hinting at a future rogue off spec or ability.


Fix the classes that are already in the game before even thinking about adding new ones.


I know it’s not canon, but there is a dwarf bard in hearthstone. When he does his racial he steals your card with his music.

The ETC band has been in the game for a while now. They also have that new undead band that plays at the darkmoon faire.

They made a move kit out of ETC for Heroes of the Storm.

I definitely think the class as a whole is possible, but I’m not sure it’s in the cards at the moment. The way this expansion has been going it seems like they are either setting up a dark ranger or tinker class. But who knows? Perhaps we will get a bard class. Perhaps we get no new classes. It’s all pure speculation.

(Actasanc) #18

Part of why we don’t have a bard class is because the role types are limited and we don’t have a support/utility role like you might find in D&D. If we had that role we’d see something like (1) Tank, (1) Heal, (2) DPS, (1) Heal, DPS or support/utility role.

They’d need to redistribute abilities and role expectations to create another role type before creating new classes for that – probably with less classes having mitigation or healing abilities, less crowd control abilities, and less (if any) group wide buffs.

You’d either take one of two approaches – a Bard is a jack of all trades/master of none and could in a crunch fill any role. However with that approach who would ever take a Bard when they could have a real tank, a real healer or a dps who wasn’t completely subpar.

The other approach is to give it utilities that no other class/role had which aren’t strictly neccesary but incredibly useful. Dungeon and raid design would have to factor in encounters where having a Bard would be really nice – possibly times where they could completely cheese certain fights.

(Kefkain) #19




If they ever end this long, mad train known as WoW to get the lore boxed in properly and let things that have happened settle for a few years, they could start up a WoW2. THAT would be the place for a Bard class. Someone familiar with everything that has happened before as a way to relate it to players who are new to the franchise.

What I’d personally want to see in a class known for its versatility and party-glue dynamism can be summed up in two types of abilities:

  1. A Bard gains abilities based on the classes they party with
  2. Other classes gain an ability by partying with a bard.

(Sinfel) #21

Only if it has the ability to insult enemies to death and seduce anything with a pulse.

And some without…

(Kelgar) #22

It needs to be a ranged class all the new classes have been melee.