Blizzard just hotfixed the ability to detect layers using /who command


Flawed methodology? Can you use actual arguments and not just words? If you go to that thread, you will see that I was actually against the original methodology, until we did further tests that provided actual data and evidence. Your claims are based on literally 0 information.


Interesting that they would hotfix this without announcing it to players. But it also seems to make sense, they don’t want to give the appearance of being bad right.


100% true, your claims are based on 0 information. I read the threads, several times. Wild conjecture and flawed theory, typical “Blizzard lies to us” player behavior. Have fun!


As far as I have seen and can find out Blizzard hasn’t hotfixed anything without talking about it. I could be wrong but I can’t find any examples where they hid a hotfix.


Yeah, it seems fishy to me also.


I just hope you are aware of this:

I also hope you realize that they knew something was fishy and it was easy to exploit the layers - otherwise why would they add this new feature to the layering. I just hope… you are not wasting everyone’s time. Wild conjecture is proved by the fact that they publicly “fixed” the layer hopping. Moreover, they also fixed the ability to track layers through the “who” functionality but obviously there was no need for that to be public.


Dude, I know about the layer cooldown hotfix. I’m disputing your /who method of trying to prove layers, which you have failed to prove works outside of your speculation due to flawed testing. Relax and enjoy the game.


Layers are continent-wide.


“My” speculation? There’s literally screenshots from 5 other players from different regions of the world in that thread haha. Come with proper counter-arguments if you want to have a discussion. All you’ve said so far is “I don’t believe your evidence” without providing a “why”. I’m done with this lol. Just think about this instead: Blizzard would have no reason to “hotfix” layer hopping if there was no actual way of telling what layer you were part of.


100% wrong.


Again, you just like saying things but you can’t provide counter-arguments :slight_smile: “Sure” is my answer to these kind of posts.


I don’t have to provide counter arguments, you have to provide proof that using /who can determine layers. I asked for proof, you have none other than speculation. I’ve seen hundreds of players throughout the years trying to prove their point the same way you are, with flawed techniques that can’t be backed up because you have no access to Blizzard’s code. Then when Blizzard does something you try to claim they are hiding stuff. It’s amusing, and you’re still wrong. Also I thought you were done?



You don’t speak for me. Personally I don’t care how much a bunch of no-lifers exploited for their world first Rag kill.

Also it’s not really an exploit when they’re just using the system as implemented. If there had been a cool-down they were somehow circumventing, that would be an exploit.


Lol. Until you prove how the techniques are flawed, you literally have no argument. But yes, I am done now. Sometimes it must be nice to be gullible.


There was certainly a way to exploit layers, but the method you keep posting about utilizing the search function isn’t exactly how it works.

You, like the author of the thread you linked, seem to have a misunderstanding of how it actually does work.

Certainly, sometimes you can use the search to determine layers, but it’s not going to work every time. Those functions just search for specific terms (Orgrimmar zone, and anything containing Orgrimmar, such as name, guild, etc).

Either way, Blizzard is already down-ramping layers aggressively and soon all of it will be moot anyway.


Yeah, like believing that /who can tell you details about layers. :slight_smile:


I highly doubt this will be an economic issue long term. Most of the people who farmed using this method won’t be here long term. Many will be streaming Borderlands 3 by next week. The others will just be too few in numbers to matter against the majority of the players.


You are right, it searches other info as well. But we had 2 queries in which query 1 had a small subset of players (all “Orgrimmar”) and query 2 had a larger set of players (all “Orgrimmar” as well). It’s not like we had players from random other zones that had “Orgrimmar” in their names or guild or whatever else. Question was simple - why weren’t players from query 2 showing up in query 1 as well, given that they were also in the “Orgrimmar” zone.


Did you just post why it seems fishy as a response to your own argument? The pictures were clearly not taken at the same time.


I see a bunch of envious folks who don’t know how to level quickly and efficiently upset that some people put in the effort, got to 60 faster, and are now farming gold weeks ahead of everyone else.

Even without layering, these people would have a mass of resources and gold. Layering is what makes it easier, not possible.

If not layering, you’d be crying for them to be banned for account sharing because you don’t think anyone would possibly play 16 hours a day.

If not layering, you’d be crying for them to be banned for buying gold because you don’t think anyone could possibly have their epic mount already.

You’ll find any excuse to feel better about yourselves.

By the way…