Blizzard, it's time to reconsider your decisions

Dear Blizzard,

I don’t know what word to use, I’m so disheartened, so distraught, by the current situation of wow.

How could you let the new people making the decisions destroy this beautiful game that was wow ?

I love wow, and I don’t want to see it disappear.
But right now I’m fighting with all my strength to find a good reason to stay in the game. And despite all, the urge to quit is getting too strong, I don’t know how much longer I can keep going.

But in Legion, it was the exact opposite. The urge to play was irresistible, I was having so much fun.

In Cataclysm, your team had a good lesson in seeing that deleting the old content didn’t please the community at all. That’s the whole point of a game that lasts forever. It’s this nostalgic side, to be able to relive our past memories. Otherwise why stay on the same game? We would take as much pleasure to be on any other game.
So Cata taught you that you shouldn’t delete the content. And here you are making the EXACT same mistakes here with Shadowland !

The reason is that the people who decide the future of the game have been replaced. That these new people chose to ignore the experience of the past. And they thought it was smart to change all of them again in their own way. To prove what? That they are smarter than their elder? Well it’s won, the servers are empty, BRAVO. As empty as their head, because yes when you start the management of a game as old as this one, necessarily you don’t know anything about it and you need a certain experience to be able to say that you know.

And I’m sorry, but there is really no excuse !
Legion showed us that the game still had a great potential, the population was huge. All the raids in the expansion were running full blast until the end, because everyone wanted to get all their legendarys. That was a successful expansion ! Currently in the covid period, people are cooped up at home, so it’s a good time for you. And yet, the servers are empty …

What you did with 9.0 is a massacre.
The basic idea was good. But why did you think it was smart to change absolutely all the ilvl and power levels of the items?
It was very easy to do, just reduce all items by x%. The system that allowed it already existed for a long time and worked very well. Like when you enter a raid, and the difficulty is adapted to the number of players.
So again, you have no excuse for the mess you made there.

It’s time to reconsider your decisions, dear Blizzard. As they say, a fault confessed, is half forgiven. And even if you rarely recognize your mistakes, you also make them (and too often now).
To begin with, it is really urgent to replace the people who decide the future of wow (and Diablo too for that matter) by competent people.

Then, restore everything you have removed, and fast !
Like forbidding the people who leveling to do MoP scenarios. Go look at the comments on Wowhead, people are mad that they can’t do it.
Reactivate the legendary powers of legion. It’s unbearable to farm items for months or years and then have them taken away.
Reactivate the set bonuses.
Reactivate the titanforged. Because you listened to the people who came crying on the forums because they were jealous of not having what others had. But I was one of the people who loved this system. The difference is that I didn’t keep coming on the forums to say it.
Put the right ilvl back to items as they should be, like the legendary of Antorus which should be maximum compared to the Legion content (currently 60).
Ask the community what they want! There are lots of other ideas.

Removing old content in an Mmo is the worst decision you can make. It’s just the result of a little office boy’s attitude to show he’s smarter than everyone before him. It’s not rational at all.
I’ll tell you again, go back to those decisions, bring back what you deleted, and I’m sure a lot of players will come back and finish what they were doing.

You could also allow all the legends and artifacts to progress to the maximum level of the current expansion. Because again, you’ve done away with that by listening to people complain about it on the forums all the time. While there are people (like me), who never said anything but loved this system.

In the future, and given that your new team is unable to make good decisions. I suggest you, to send questionnaires by email to your players. So that the decisions are also taken by the community.

It is time to reconsider your decisions. Otherwise we are going straight to freetoplay here. And you will be the only ones responsible.


titanforging ? hell no …


Either people aren’t reading your whole post or there’s some fishy alts going on with all those likes.


it’s no huge shock that they’re all from the same realm :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s not do that. Titanforging was an abomination. Sure, it had good intentions, when it launched because it was initially seen as a ‘bonus’. You got a piece of loot and it upgraded a few ilvls higher than it normally would? Fantastic. But then it quickly started to become a necessity, with some classes needing items from previous raids/dungeons to be titanforged simply because they simmed better. That led to frustration because players would try over and over and over again to not only get the loot they wanted but also for it to titanforge to the ilvl they needed and at that point, the system was too far gone.

No. The ilvl of items should be the equivalent of what is available from that expansion and it should go no higher than that. The ilvl was reduced for a reason, and it’s honestly fine.

Game design is not a democracy. Most of the time this community can’t decide what it wants at all. They’ll demand one thing, and when Blizzard gives it to them, claim it isn’t good enough or they’ll say it sucks and want it gone. I wouldn’t trust this community to write a weekly shopping list, much less design a game.


Yeah… I could have sworn that a majority of players hated the warforge/titanforging system… especially the raiding community where a heroic “forged” item was better than it’s Mythic unforged twin.



Heh, all the heart and soul poured out into the post. Truly words from the heart…first response? …a meme poster reply.

And the meme wasn’t even worth a fraction of your words.

Such sad days we live in when one seeks to converse only to be met with an image. Good talk. Heh


Send a questionnaire to 1000 players and you’ll get 1000 different responses. Good luck designing a game based on those.


Sir, I’m going to need you provide proof there are only 1000 active subscriptions to this game! REEEEE! :smiley:

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Why waste 100 words when a simple “no” will suffice.


Ion goes way back. He is not a new person, and he is responsible for much of the concepts we see.

That’s why you hire a research company that knows how to do marketing research rather than take the advice of forum posters who seem to feel that creating a game devs know in advance will be rejected by a large part of the playerbase is responsible use of hundreds of millions of investor dollars.


Titan, no…

But reforging, yea, that was a good system. And with the gear being somewhat difficult to come by, it would pair nicely with this expansion.

The rest of that wall crit my eyes…


Such sad days we live in when one needs to log 20+ alts to :blue_heart: their own post. :woman_shrugging:


I agree with most of the OPs point.

All these systems developed like legion artificat weapons could have been continued in subsequent expansions at new level caps and expanded upon.

Why throw away all that content and work for returning and existing players?

Titanforging is an example of where BlizZard could have made it work but they chose the worst possible way. Same with PVP template system, etc, etc, etc.

:surfing_woman: :surfing_man:


He wasn’t seeking to converse, he was writing and open criticism of the game/company. Where exactly was he seeking to converse?

An honest heartfelt forum post about the current state of wow and what happens? The forum defenders league flag it. No curse words. No ads for other games. Just a customer giving their honest feedback. The flag feature in these forums is disgustingly abused by the Blizzard bootlickers.


I this far…

ALL my friends are upset that titanforging is gone because not having it takes away the feeling of getting something ‘rare’. Now with bearly any gear dropping and never a chance for it to titanforging, it has taken away the excitement of getting gear. It also gave me a reason to play alts (which I don’t play anymore due to this).
EVERY expansion they promise it wont feel like you have lost power while leveling and yet again it feels like it does every expansion. It’s not fun to have content in BFA harder than it was current content. Even world quest bosses are harder. I have also found that going over 200 item level increases the hp on some mobs in BFA so it takes longer to kill. WHY!!?


That would be the single worst idea they ever made. The vast majority of this player base doesn’t understand the concept of balance and there would be so many conflicting ideas (most of which would be so stupid to begin with) that things would just be a nightmare.

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…I dunno a general forum maybe? Heh