Blizzard, it is time to fix tanks in RBG's/BG's

For as long as I can remember DH/Druid are the only viable RBG tanks…and now just druid really.

Blizzard, be mindful of this and give the other tanks some unique tools around base sitting/carrying the flag. Most tank pvp talents are useless and there is a lot of easy fixes here. It would be great to see a Brewmaster be just as oppressive as a guardian druid. Or if I see a Blood DK or Veng DH queue up I have a tough decision.

It would also make forming groups alot less painful…waiting like an hour for a guardian sometimes.

In all other content, blizzard actually did a good job of balancing tanks but in pvp it currently is, and always has been awful.


Make prot pally be able to bubble with flag

That’s asking a lot, lol.


Not really, they make druid unkillable for 30 seconds, bubble is what 8 seconds and u can break it?


What I mean by asking a lot is I don’t think they really care. Guardians are their pets atm for whatever reason.

Yep and it makes no sense why but its obvious what they want and will not have open discussion about it


buff bear druids.

they should be immortal for reals. u should get banned for even thinking about attacking them


I don’t think it’s a damage reduction issue, it’s a mobility issue, nothing can snare or slow you. Pair that with a priest grip and you’re halfway across the map

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If you mean unable to be CC, sure. Nigh-unkillable…

We have been fighting for this for years now and they havent budged. I still literally don’t understand why a druid can flap across the map, wild leap across the river, then Sprint in cat form to the base, meanwhile a monk can’t even barrel roll with flag. The only explanation I can come up in my mind as to why they do not address the tank issue is that they do not want to have to deal with balancing.


Same, honestly it’s just beyond my comprehension. They didn’t even change anything regardless to tanks for S4. I wish we could get a blue post stating that they don’t care about tank balance, at least it would be a honest statement from them.

Was in a bad WSG yesterday where our team was getting smoked in the team fights and their guardian would just run back and forth with the flag. If we tried teaming up against the guardian there was nothing we could do about it. Too many tools to avoid failure.

Damn Guardians, across the map and still wiping you.

It has to be a technical issue with barrel roll because Mages can Blink, Rogues and Sprint, Locks and Port/Gate, Warriors can leap, Pally’s can Pony, Hunters can disengage etc.

lets be honest though, guardian is severely broken, its fine for a tank to go 1v5 and last longer than a normal dps, they are tanks, but guardian goes 1v40 and is fully immune to all CC for 30 seconds while at the same time taking of full raid’s worth of dps. if 40 players going full bore on a player is not enough to kill them, they are in dire need of a nerf, like yesterday.

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A guardian is not fully immune to damage for 30 seconds. If you have 40 people that can’t kill one guardian maybe they need to go read a class guide. There is no situation where one guardian can take on 40 people and survive. You are talking utter nonsense.

A good rogue can kill a guardian with constant resets.

im constantly having to tell pugs to ignore certain bear tanks because they can’t effectively be killed. you say that, but i’ve played multiple games against this druid and he does go 1v40 and lasts probably a good minute until his healers have to start doing work. if bear wasn’t broken he would drop instantly like everyone else in the game.

Hyperbole, son.

True, they’re almost fully immune to damage for the duration of the BG.


We’re playing the same game right? You can barely target guardians in bgs lol. They’re more durable than the Jailer.

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