Blizzard is throwing ten man rated BGs under the bus and

will be making solo/duo queue BGs the default format for rated BGs. Also, Ion says that the solo/duo queue objective based BGs are, in his opinion, the best format for WoW pvp - so expect it to get a lot of support in TWW.

Hat tip: Mhortai for showing me the link.


I’m wondering about bg mmr in a solo/duo format.

I’d like to see some adjustments in what counts scoreboard wise.

Due to the value of objectives vs pure damage/healing/kills, it’d be cool to see how that would effect mmr.

Things like bases capped, defended, flag returns, orbs, etc.

All important things that have individual value that might not always be repressed in a w in a team based game.

Losing an AB but capping 3 bases and defending 2 should be an mmr gain basically is what I’m saying.


Guess people can’t tell premades to go q rated now lol


guess we’ll just have to send them links to local circus hiring opportunities instead

gw2 has been domination only for its ranked format for a decade, binary win/loss for their mmr

basically every objective game’s ranked functions like that come to think of it.
averages n stuff, if you’re good you’ll climb even if you lose games that “you shouldnt have”


I told you guys this is the future of PvP.

I can’t wait to see my very first ‘‘LOL 2200 IN BLITZ IS MEANINGLESS’’ post.


I get it, just wouldn’t mind playing objectives rewarded.

Of course it adds way more complexity to an mmr system than just a binary, but I’m just imagining while it’s all still hypothetical.

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isnt winning more than average the reward


For sure. Just think it’d get people to do objectives more if there was rewards directly tied to them.

Not even a lot, maybe just like in gw2 have a daily or weekly - assault 3 bases, or capture/return 2 flags - that gives a little honor box with some useless trash in it.

I just wish there was a way to que rated bgs with my party or raid. Guess blizzard just wants premades to farm regular bgs


I’m pretty sure there is still going to be preform group rated BGs. It’s just hard to see how the participation in that format won’t be taking a huge hit when solo/duo rated BGs go live.

There are a lot of legitimate teams/players that enjoy that format, and I’m definitely not one to gloat at someone’s misfortune or disappointment. I hope it has enough participation for it to function, but most of the damage to that format has been done by the gatekeepers and boosters.


So it means BG Blitz will be the default format. I also thing they will just be called RBGs and not Blitz anymore. So there is solo/duo queue and group mode. But both solo/duo queue will use the 8v8 Blitz format now.


I saw your discussion on Twitter. It is possible they will be turning ten man full preform rated BGs into full preform eight man rated BGs that follow some of the BG Blitz rules.

Either way, I think solo/duo queue does pretty significant harm to full preform rated BGs.

Blizzard really needs to clarify what is happening with current ten man rated BGs.


Ion said BGB would be the default mode for RBGs. So it opens the interpretation of them removing group based RBGs


Yes, as I was just replying right above - they REALLY need to clarify what he meant by that statement.


I asked on Twitter, getting an answer is less than likely though.


I know we all have a lot of discussions and debates to get to over the merits of whatever changes are coming.

But how in the $&@! are they going to drop that interview with zero follow up or clarification? Are you for real, Ion and wow PR team? Y’all dropped a bomb in an interview that left a fog of war so thick I can’t see my hands in front of my face.

I’m old and salty so I will absolutely take this as further proof that the wow team cares little to nothing about pvp.


Yes it is very annoying how he didn’t just clearly state what will happen to premade RBG. He did call it an “overhaul to our rated battleground system”, which makes me think 10v10 premade is actually going away. BG blitz will definitely be a rated mode though.


Yes, the 10v10 part seems likely to be going away. The premade part doesn’t. I just can’t see them doing that. IMO, anyway.


Ion also mentioned this gives them a new framework that can make bgs more central to the endgame, rewarding part of PvP.

By making RBGs accessible to everyone, Blizzard can give out more meaningful rewards. Under the current system, many players would have been left out because of their no/low xp or their spec.


Fantastic news.

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