Blizzard has strayed so far from what these classic servers were suppose to be

This is not a crying post about all the changes, just a post to show observations of exactly how we’ve had many changes to a game that was suppose to be ‘No Changes.’ I don’t care if you agree or disagree but here are my thoughts, these are my subjective opinions and observations.

The idea of redoing classic servers was to be able to play the game how it was THEN, be it vanilla, tbc or wrath. For classic, they were so hard against no changes, and keeping to what the community wanted ‘no changes,’ yet they still implemented a few changes here and there, and steadily throughout each expansion re-release added more and more changes. However these changes have been excused for the most part by the masses because Blizzard can justify them, and they’re accepted because we know no matter how much we cry and complain, Blizzard’s gonna do what Blizzard wants to do. The sad part is, most often when Blizzard implements these changes they often make the game a worse experience overall, subjectively.

TLDR: Blizzard has made a lot of changes that were good and bad but the point of these servers were to be able to play the game as it was THEN, and these changes directly go against what the community wanted, and what Blizzard promised us when announcing Classic servers: No Changes.

Dungeon Nerfs // Exp nerfs: This was added to combat player to player boosting services and RMT. This was not originally in wrath. Old Blizzard would have made it against TOS to sell these services.

GDKPs: Old Blizzard would have never allowed the game to be overrun with GDKP’s and would have made it agaisnt TOS like they would have done for boosting.

Buffed Raids: While I think this change is for the better, this is still a change that should be mentioned. I get wrath is a 15 year old game, and thus most of us who’ve played the expansion before know each raid mechanic, understand each encounter and a big part of the community are meta players who know the optimal min-max strat on everything from gearing to rotation. From boss encounters to spec. I welcome the change as it means content will not be as easily blown through but still a change nonetheless.

AOE caps: Yet another change that was made to counter boosters that did absolutely nothing to combat boosting. It stalled the process for a few days and that was really it. Despite it not having fixed anything it was left in the game.

Allowed boosters to begin with: This never would have been a thing in old vanilla/tbc/wrath. Blizzard never would have allowed for it to get this bad. While they have made several changes to counteract boosting such as dungeon exp nerf and aoe caps, it took 2 full expansions to come to a solution that MAINLY counter the issue. Now, the only dungeons that are worth boosting are dungeons in TBC. Again, stuff that is being left in the game that hasn’t completely countered the problem. Just a band-aid fix that opened up new issues.

Taken away cd’s for raids: One of the newest changes we have to look forward to for Wrath is that they basically took away long CD’s for raids because now each raid encounter will reset your cooldowns. This only makes clearing content easier, and you bet that speed runners and min-maxers will make the most use of this change to clear content even quicker, not something that’s needed in a 15 year old game. If I’m honest, this sounds most like a crutch for guilds that may have difficulty clearing raid content. You no longer have to think about what cooldowns to blow because your cooldowns don’t matter, they reset anyway. If they were gonna do this, why wait until now when Wrath has the lowest cooldown timers out of Classic/TBC/Wrath.

Allowing Mega Servers/Helped Server Population Balance: Back in OG Wrath you had tons servers because each server had a player cap. You had x amount of alliance and x amount of horde. If the side you wanted to play was already at cap, you had to play the other faction or pick a different server. This not only caused the creation of several megaservers and caused the death of smaller realms in classic but also helped keep servers balanced in OG Vanilla/TBC/Wrath

Changed amount of raids that can be done: We can no longer do TOC/TOGC on both 10 and 25 man. We also can no longer do 10 and 25 man ICC on normal or heroic. While I understand this change was made because these raids were never intended to be able to be done 4 times a week in OG Wrath, end of the day; it was something that was left in OG Wrath and thus, a part of the way the game was THEN.

No longer have to have a level 55 to create a DK: This is just stupid. Even more stupid that you are able to BUY a DK boost. This was always meant to be seen as an unlockable class, once you’ve played enough of the game you unlocked the ability to make a ‘special’ class, the Death Knight. Guess this was added to sell more boosts? They get to double down on sell boosts because you can boost any character to 70, but now you also get to boost a second character, a death knight if you choose to.

No RDF: Most of us feel this was a stupid change to begin with. It may not have been added until ICC, but it was a VERY BELOVED feature of Wrath. The only thing this enforces is we have to walk to the dungeon. The LFG tool will still make it so we can pretty much automate our group by looking through the tool to see who wants to do what dungeon. All it takes is a whisper, no different then how we do things now. It also means no additional exp, no loot bag for competition and no badges.

Harder Heroics: Again subjectively welcomed change to a 15 year old game, but still a change that needs to be mentioned.

30 dungeons a day in classic: Something again added to combat boosting but did nothing and was left in the game all of classic. It was later removed but was kept in the game despite it not really countering the issue. A very small part of those buying boosts ever actually met their daily lockouts.

Selling boosts to 58 in tbc and boosts to 70 in wrath: This one will always blow my mind. I get Blizzard is a company and thus they want to make money but this is probably by far one of the worst changes made. All these changes to preserve the ‘social integrity’ of the game, but this directly goes against it. You get to skip a major part of the game if you just swipe your card which most players are willing to do if they have the money because the time investment to level vs $40 for a character boost; that’s a no brainer.

Has added a mount to the game that was not in originally: Something pretty small, but still a change. I believe it was Asmongold back in Classic who said this was Blizzard’s foot in the door to make changes. You start with something small and simple like a mount that was not in OG vanilla, and it opens a door for Blizzard to start making even more changes, and monetizing the areas of the game in which they could.

Making Horde/Alliance on Same Server: This is a very minor change but originally you couldn’t do this until Wrath yet we can do this now in TBC.

At what point do we stop making changes? Or do we just keep making changes until we get to the point of being on par with retail; so far away from what they game used to be that it’s no longer the same game. The more and more changes, the more we’re straying from what classic servers were suppose to be about: Being able to play and enjoy the game AS IT WAS THEN.

Edit: Grammar/Spelling and added TLDR.


lol ok


If you took the time to read you’d see for yourselves these are simply stated observations.


You called things stupid, which means you have an opinion on them. Observations leave out feelings when describing them.

You can call these observations, but they are opinions.


oof people have time to contemplate on life and WoW with long passages. talking about a game and company like it was set in stone like god created it :sweat_smile:

I also said these were my subjective opinions and observations. The word opinion was used several times. Why? Because some are opinions and some are observations.

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GDKPs started in TBC, and became popular in NA/EU in WotLK. GDKPs we’re most definitely a thing in retail wotlk.

They brought this forward early, but this existed in wotlk, or maybe cata.

Blizzard would have allowed it, it just wasn’t popular. People weren’t monetizing the game as badly. We’ve grown as a player base and know how to monetize things people want.

This is for progressing guilds who are wiping on a boss. Most SWP boss wipes happen in the first minute. So now you run back, buff up, and wait until bloodlust is up again. This just lets you pull again right after. It’s a nice QoL change.

Blizzard allows transfers. Blizzard didn’t incentivize mega servers, its what players chose to do.

This only affects TOC/TOGC. This is already how ICC worked. They are just normalizing it so the raids are more consistent. They are also planning on making heroics drop Naxx tier badges when ulduar released, because when TOC released, heroics dropped ulduar tier badges. Again, just normalizing it.

You still need this on a fresh server. It isn’t really needed on normal servers though. If someone is excited for wrath and want to play a DK, just let them play. We don’t need more barriers for new players.

You keep saying blizzard wouldnt let bad behavior exist in they existed in the past, but here you fight for it? This isnt something a normal player back then would have run into anyways.

You could always do that on PVE servers. This is just a PVP server thing. And they unlocked it a phase or two early. No big deal.

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Still doesn’t take away from the main point of we are straying away from what the game was suppose to be. You’re justifying why they’re doing something without thinking; it is a change that was not in OG and that’s my whole point.

All that? No way lol. I knew it was crying when you said “This isn’t crying but”


You’re mad at people dismissing your post and commenting. Then you’re mad at me for reading your post.

If you just wanted to complain, just say you are venting.

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Sounds like a personal problem this. There’s a TLDR for a reason. Don’t read if you don’t want to, that’s cool too.

The point of these servers changed when we first started with Some Changes. It’s a little late for all of this.

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I’m not mad at anyone. Right from the beginning of the post I said idc if you agree or disagree, because I don’t. Most of your comments simply justified the changes they made.

Example: You could always make horde/alliance of pve servers, this only applies to PVP. That’s exactly it. YOU COULDN’T do it on PVP servers prior to Wrath but it’s in game in TBC on PVP servers. So you’re countering a point by saying ‘it only applies to half the servers,’ but the whole point is it shouldn’t be a thing right now to begin with. Doesn’t matter how big or small. It’s a change

But the PVP thing is something you can do in 6 weeks anyways. They brought it forward early. Is that really terrible?

Change isn’t a bad thing. WotLK when it was retail is going to be a different game than WotLK classic. Just like TBC retail vs TBC Classic. The game functions as a whole because of how players interact with it, and players are just different. Even if WotLK was a carbon copy, and they did progressive patches, it would still be different. It’s not ever going to be the same.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a good or bad thing, once again you’re going directly against my whole point here. Does not matter if it’s good or bad change it is still a change. This is exactly why I also included changes made that I deemed to be ‘good’ in my list of examples of changes that have been made.

yes they have and what?

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And nothing. Nothing I say or do changes anything. I just got to thinking about the change to cooldowns they released today and decided to make a discussion post about all the changes collectively.

k well thx for documenting it for us bestie

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Okay. Lets re-frame the question. Why are changes upsetting to you? This game is a live service, and people expect changes. Are you nervous about some slippery slope where even more changes happen?

I am of the belief that the more changes there are, the better. The game is alive and needs different things to nurture it.

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Some of these are changes that have hardly or not at all affected the game in a way that really deviates from original WotLK/TBC/Vanilla gameplay. Others are speculating about what Blizzard would or would not have done if given the current circumstances.

If your point is that they made changes then congratulations on figuring out that they made changes. Sneaky Blizzard really can’t get by you and your great detective skills.

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