Blizzard has destroyed the pvp servers

Yep they had 3 years to handle it. now they blame the players. Situation is a joke. $15 a month goes nowhere. 22 servers deleted yet “they have no more hardware”


Yeah they could have chosen to open up transfers to any server but they choose not to they intentionally chose old Blanche a PVE server because they knew ,and nobody can tell me they didn’t know, that people would not want to go there that they would pay to go to the server of their choice,this is not by chance

Sad. Blizzard used to be a Gold Standard many years ago. I really think this just goes to show what we can expect. I was hoping with the purchase from Microsoft they would get back on track, but sadly no.

K, bye. Thanks for freeing up space.

They don’t own them yet.

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How were you forced to go to different servers? I don’t understand.

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Lol do you think the servers that nobody played on they removed could have just been plugged in and automatically more space is created?

That’s some hilarious logic.

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Blizzard didn’t do that, your fellow players did. take it up with them.

I log onto my server and its a 3 hour que, So I’m forced to leave said server because waiting 3 hours to play is longer then I have to play as I have a job and a life and can only play a few hours a week.

So I server transfer and none of my friends can join that server. Even if I pay the $25 dollars I still can’t join their server and vice versa.

So this is a pointless game now.

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I was just wondering why you wouldn’t talk to your friends about where to transfer before just pulling the trigger.

OK see you in northrend

Eh you’re supposed to fix this. Get off our RP server and create a proper regular PvP server via actions

Angry at your wife today?

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Yeah that dude is probably having a fight with his wife and venting in the forums, good catch


I think blizz needs to be more transparent with how they project future server migrations and the period of time which they will be eligible.

I could see entire guilds wanting to transfer, and if the day it opens the gm is logged on, decides server X, and 10pm that night his buddy gets home from work and cannot transfer, it seems like a much too short opportunity. At very least tell how many spaces are on the ship.

Unpopular opinion, but it’s more so the player’s fault. If you just did the whole red is dead thing and knew you were the dominate faction, what did you think would happen? You couldn’t take a chill pill, at all. Yes, I get it, pvp server for pvp. But look how that went. Only one server managed to do this legitimately, for arguments sake, could say they weren’t complete :poop: heads about it till p2 because honor farming. But that experience is for another day. Those roaming Death Balls, imo, were the problem. If they just did BG’s with it, I guarantee the servers wouldn’t be as bad as it was then and now. But hey what can you do about it, oh right players can do something about it but don’t want too.

i fail to see how its blizz fault that we the players created the mega servers

outside of the FCM or paid transfer just got to sit in the ques id suggest getting a program to remote in from work

and yes blizz could update their servers but they wont so it is what it is

oh look a crybaby horde player, go figure. the players that generally ruin the game for everyone else is unhappy

Apparently OP doesnt know what forced means