Blizzard, give our arena points!

thats so unprofessional its unreal


Did S3 titles / rewards go out?

We did get our last roll over of points ?

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Think he’s talking about this.

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Yeah just arenas aren’t even out yet so you can’t get points like I don’t get it just raging to rage I guess

yeah that’s the only thing I can think of.

im talking about the recalculation buds

Changes. Will occur. Will affect. Final. Season 3. Calculations.

Except it didn’t happen.
Got it?

So we’re crying about ~100 points, yeah got it

it would be game for me, promise

I would cry for those 16 weeks back that S3 was cut short but that ship obviously sailed. I’ll take whatever handout is offered at this point.

100 points is the difference between affording the weapon now or starting over, spending the first month of s4 grinding for it just to be behind the curve yet again.