Blizzard Gave up on Classes

(Airese) #114

Making trash mobs harder is fun…but if Blizz does that, I can almost guarantee you that there will be a group of people who is going to say it’s garbage, trash, stupid,…etc design.


You want to kill the classes that do not have cc, which are already poorly represented.

(Jape) #116

No way.

I want the 97th time I do a dungeon to go by as fast as humanly possible.

Doing the same dungeons over and over all expac does not mesh with long and annoying.

(Fookí) #117

you’re not their focal point in fan base then. they’ve made dungeons into the Greater Rifts of Diablo 3- all it is is repetition on top of repetition… just to see who can clear the fastest.

it’s blizzard’s “new” meta; they think it works because dozens of people still play D3 after all this time.

(Xaedys) #118

No, I want to force CC for AoE packs (or at least, some of them). I want there to be alternative paths, though, ones that involve less AoE, more lieutenant-type mobs, things optimized for classes with high single-target and/or low CC. The point is making there a pathing through the instance that’s viable for any party combination. Right now, if you don’t have huge AoE, you’re automatically lower tier for M+. I want to reduce that effect by making AoE packs not, well, AoEable, at least, not most of them.

I mean, mindlessly zerging the instances isn’t exactly fun. When the trash poses little real danger, and the optimal strategy is to gather multiple packs and simply AoE burst them down, it gets really boring really quickly and massively distorts the spec landscape for M+.


I hate how blizz pruned my spec in BFA with a dying passion. Pruning classes like this was the WORST idea ever. I wonder if they even read this feedback on class design. Atleast WoD was tolerable. BFA is literally the worst…


Ok. You want M+ perfectly tuned only for Dh and Rouge.
It is already like this.

(Xaedys) #121

Except I don’t? Like, I’m very clearly trying to limit the potency of the heavy AoE classes right now.

I feel like you’re intentionally trying to misunderstand me here. As you say, DHs and rogues are already extremely dominant in M+. Why on earth would I be advocating for a change to that if my goal was to tune them how they are currently tuned?!

Let me make this explicitly clear for you:

Clear enough for you now?

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(Airese) #123

Honestly, at one point, at least certain classes/specs have ability bloat issue and was actually glad that Blizz did some pruning.

However, I am sad that ability pruning went too far, which if I am not mistaken, Blizz acknowledged the mistake recently.

For now, I am adopting the wait-and-see attitude for what’s going to happen in the next expansion.


I said this before and people attacked me with “oh so you want everyone to be overpowered? :imp: :imp:” we can’t win on here :disappointed:

(Xaedys) #125

I’m very confused by this sentiment. Like, why would they even assert that. “Overpowered” implies the class or spec is an outlier. To quote Dash Parr, “when everyone’s special, no one is”.

(Fookí) #126

because, “haters gotta hate.

(Tyfus) #127

They gave up on classes before BfA even launched…

The essence system really does highlight how bad of a job they’ve been doing. People are losing their minds about the conflict and strife essence because they’re desperately hoping to get some of their spec back.

The best course of action for this patch would’ve been to:

  1. Annihilate azerite gear/traits and just put regular stats on those slots.
  2. Return the baseline abilities that they stole over the past 2 expansions, to make artifacts/legendaries/azerite traits/pvp talents.
  3. Let the neck just add ilvl/stats for now.
  4. Do actual tuning with regards to numbers/talents.

I think most people would sacrifice large chunk of new content to make their classes fun again. I know I would.

Then after the dust settles on, they can add some interesting/fun interaction with the neck if they want.

This pattern of breaking our specs on purpose to fix them with whatever terrible system-du-jour they come up with, is the worst thing I’ve seen in this game’s many years.

(Fookí) #128

that would require them admitting they were wrong though…

(Smig) #129

I thought that someone admitted a bit of error, pretty sure it was ion. I remeber something beinging said about azerite traits, core class abilities shouldn’t be tied to some outside source. This was in response to the massive gap in azerite trait power.

There is another in some interview where “se went to far” was sid about pruning.

I have no intrest in travking them down but they are out their. We won’t really see how if this has been tsken to heart until next expansion unfortuently. I do hope they do a 180 with class design, the current trend is no good.

(Sefirosuwar) #130

That’s the thing Ion twice now has admit-ed that they went to far on pruning and core class abilities should not be tied to outside sources.
The issue is that even admitting it doesn’t mean that there gonna go backwards the way they fanbase/playerbase wants. A few classes here or there might get some stuff back but overall they wont revert to previous expacs.
Its to much work and rebuilding the current game to fit all of that would take far to long.

(Bluebarz) #131

Word on the street is that their fired their class design team (which is a good thing if true) and hired Brian Holinka back as the lead class designer. Now whether he’s going to do a better job is impossible to say at this point, but I think he’s currently working on class design for 9.0, and that’s why we won’t see any changes for the rest of BFA. Blizzard essentially gave up when they realized they screwed up cause the extent of it was so extensive.


And when 8.2 bombs in terms of subscriber retention (extremely likely) you can forget about any meaningful content development for the rest of BFA, they will throw all their resources towards 9.0 and next expansion

And I don’t know if you want to herald the creator of pvp templates and ashran as a savior of class design, he probably got that role solely through connections and nepotism

(Bluebarz) #133

I mean yeah obviously they won’t do anything until next expansion, it’s so obvious they’ve practically given up on BFA at this point, Ashran and PvP templates were poorly implemented both as a concept and in practice but they’re not related to class development, but I don’t have high expectations really considering the direction this game has been going since WoD so I more or less agree, I don’t think Holinka is going to be some savior for this game even though I want to believe he’ll do a better job than the current developers behind class design. It’s all probably wishful thinking but I’ll hope for it, maybe I’ll eat my words later lol.