Blizzard Gave up on Classes


And tons of classes had baseline abilities moved to talents.

(Moonshayde) #66

I think the new irony in all this is that instead of trying to fix and balance the various specs, they’ve gone the generic role route with the new essence system. There is absolutely no way they can get these even close to balanced. So, by trying to be lazy, they either have given themselves way more work by vainly trying to balance the essences, or they’ll just make the specs even more unbalanced. BfA really is one step forward, three steps back in regards to class design. With these devs, I don’t have much hope 9.0 will be any better.


Essences will just be the rich getting richer. They wont fix anything.

I think one could argue its just 3 steps backwards.

(Hasylla) #68

The new Conflict and Strife essence just solidifies my loathing for using gear to temporarily fill in holes in specs.

Arcane mages lost stacking Arcane Missile procs when the stacking was moved to a PvP talent. Now the essence will return the stacking, but it only does so if you choose it at the opportunity cost of another essence. Thanks for removing an ability from the baseline kit and then later thinking the temporary return of it is something we should be happy about.

Frost mages can pick up Concentrated Coolness, to finally gain the ability to be able to pick where our Frozen Orb is placed, but again it is just a temporary addition that comes with an opportunity cost. Orb pathing has been problematic at times while it can also be halted prematurely due to the presence of random critters spread throughout the world. It still continues to fall through structures, such as incursion air ships, rather than pathing forward. Baseline Concentrated Coolness was a basic quality of life change that was requested on these forums for quite some time. Instead it will just be a temporary addition.

Essences so far do not appear to be anything more than a chance for them to add another bullet point to the feature set of the next major patch. It does not address class concerns, and it will create more tuning work that will likely not get done.

(Nuisense) #69

This is a hill I’m willing to die on. Not everyone just wants to be FotM. Wants to be an ALL POWERFUL GOD OF GAMING. Maybe, just MAYBE, he wants to play a DK of a certain spec. I get it, maybe you are willing to make that compromise. But, the spec/class he chose might be why he bought the game, why he pays his sub fee and what makes him happy to play. People tossing out “Just re-roll” all the time have no consideration for this type of player. No, this type of player just wants his class to be GOOD. To feel GOOD. To not be viewed as an anchor to his raid or group.

Is it so much to ask that specs/classes be balanced and feel GOOD? If we were talking about ACME Gaming, then maybe. But this is Blizzard. They have done it in the past and done it WELL. It is not unreasonable to take them to task when they fail at providing an experience for which they became known and respected. In reality, if we DON’T give that feedback and indicate that they NEED TO DO BETTER, then we deserve every bit of trash and junk they put in the game.


who do you think sifts through all the game/class development feedback ?

hint: it’s not the game development guys working 80 hours per week, it’s the community people that were fired

(Chorong) #71

It’s basically how they are handling the talents. For example…

Shadow Word: Death? Nope gonna remove it baseline and make it a talent.

Blizzard: “Hey look! We put a new active ability in the talents.”

The community: “Am I a joke to you?”

(Hasylla) #72

Yeah, I was not exactly impressed when they made Shadow Word: Death into a talent.

Another nice example was their decision to give Drain Soul back, as a talent after they had initially removed it, but to make it so poorly tuned that it stands no chance against Death Bolt.


I’ll predict how patch 9.0 will be:

“Hey guys the community said they really want another two talents rows per spec”

“Alright which iconic and important actives or passives can we strip out and stuff in these talent rows ?”

(Elynos) #74

Just stop these possibilities are awesome and the essence system is the best thing to ever happen to WoW

(Hasylla) #75

Uhm, I’m not sure if I should interpret this as sarcasm or that our opinions on the essence system are so different that I’m nearly left speechless that someone could honestly view it that favorably.


The pvp essence is going to be just like the rest of the game. Certain specs will get something incredible and others will get trash. They don’t intend to balance it very much. So basically we’re all left to the mercy of hoping our specs get a strong option.

Once they make and finalize their choice that’s it. It won’t change or be tuned. Just look at class tuning this expac to confirm. Is your spec 10% behind top specs? Here’s a 3% buff!

(Krissignacia) #77

I remember when soul reaper was introduced it took them most of the expansion to make it shadowfrost

I don’t think they will change anything and its a middle finger to us for asking for this

(Ravatin) #78

I would like to see some info about classes getting active/passive as a permanent addition like Ion admitted they should have done in BFA.

(Xaedys) #79

Not just against Deathbolt. Last I checked, it’s actually a DPS loss over not having a talent at all on that tier. Animal Companion for BM is like that as well, iirc.

(Drezwazluz) #80

And he’s long since stopped trying to be anything other than negative. Which, obviously, I wouldn’t mind, but like many of you, his posts are repeatedly filled with hyperbole, exaggeration, and blatantly false information.

If you’re so angry, for such an extended period of time, move on or get over it. You can take your high road “He pays his sub, he just wants his spec to be good” crap out to the telly because I cba. For a patch? Sure. And entire season or tier? Alright, stretching.

More than one expansion? No, tired of it. At that point a part of me hopes his spec never get’s fixed out of raw spite.

That’s purely subjective and is an ignorant thing to demand. As though the same thing would please everyone.


Sure, you go ahead and detail how his “feedback” is going. Pretend it’s anything other than constant exaggeration, mixed with conspiracy and overall just boring whining.

(Beefköw) #81

How in the nation is BFA 1 step forward?

Everything that was done transitioning from legion to BFA was pruning, nothing else.

BFA doesn’t feel like an expansion, rather the opposite.


[citation needed]

(Xaedys) #83

Expand the “Actions per Minute / DPS Variance Summary” section, first one under the top graph. Retribution is 52 APM, 8th DPS down on the list.

(Nuisense) #85

I dunno, seems like you did it right there.

Here’s another where you do it.

And your true contrarian self comes out.

And funny because this is all I hear from you, constantly.

Wait! You’ll quibble that you NEVER exaggerate or inflate or what have you. PROVE WHERE YOU HAVE EVER STATED SOMETHING WRONG!!! Yeah, get out of here. We all know what you do. YOU ONLY STATE FACTS!!! I swear, I hear Nixon’s voice whenever you talk. Not the real voice, but the shaky flappy fake voice that all the comedians use to get a laugh but it’s not really funny. Just old and tired. Go away.