Blizzard Gave up on Classes

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Mate, read the pinned crap on the forums.
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See, development without crunch time is good for the game industry. But if Blizzard was honestly crunching for patches, not just for expansion releases, that’s really just evidence of a hilarious level of mismanagement.

Still, if they were actually continuously understaffed to the point of needing crunches for major content releases, and they’ve decided to not do crunches anymore (good if the case, since regular crunches are terrible for employee health and morale), that could explain the current pattern of development we’re seeing. Seeing how BfA has been developed and maintained, I can’t escape the notion that the dev squad is down to a skeleton crew. Their pace of development and balancing is a crawl compared to prior expansions.

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They used to hotfix in minor class balancing changes, now we have to wait for a major patch to get even tiny class buffs/nerfs. They don’t even bother to do class balance changes for raid tiers now. It’s like they just don’t care if classes are fun or balanced anymore. It’s extremely sad and pathetic, and they get away with it due to so few new entrants to the MMO market, so they have little competition.

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They’re trading people who play less/stop for people with the energy to reroll FotM.

It must still come out to more active game time or at least be net cheaper.


ah thanks. i don’t post on the forums enough to have figured that out. i’ll use it in the future.

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Agree with OP. They clearly put in effort to these essences, etc. so why not just divert that manpower to classes and abilities? I mean, time spent with fingers typing on keyboards is time spent with fingers on keyboard, right? I don’t get this at all. Why use that time/money/effort on something so useless?

It’s like classes are locked behind some vault that someone (Ion?) set up and said “no you can’t go in there” for whatever reason. Pride? Ego? Ignorance? I honestly don’t understand any of this. This is how you turn a massively successful product into a massively underperforming one.

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Not only is time being spent on essences that could have been directed toward classes, but it will also go poof with the next expansion. It will be like how the effort that went into Legion’s artifacts/legendaries/tier armor vanished, but this time the essences won’t fill in the sizable gaps that currently exist.

I think the idea that they’ve given up and are handing over class design to the patch 9.0 team is probably what is happening here. It doesn’t explain why basic tuning for azerite traits and talents is still so slow and ineffective.

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Honestly, the more likely scenario for me is that they are running on an absolute skeleton crew as far as developer resources right now. Whether that means they’ve actually reduced the size of the development team, or reduced the time that team can devote to development, or have them wearing multiple hats and developing or working on multiple projects or patches at the same time, I don’t know. But I can’t shake the feeling that the reason development seems so ineffective and slow in BfA is because they are just critically understaffed for the workload being handed to them.

(Hasylla) #53

I suspect that is probably why we have seen so few tuning passes in BfA. I assume they have two teams working in parallel with some overlap, but that could be wrong. It does feel like the people tasked with BfA aren’t being given the necessary development time.

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they’ve moved on to 9.0; anything from here is just enough to hold us over during the rest of BfA, and while more passionate players will recognize that essences won’t be fixing all the problems, they will do “enough”

the only way there is a skeleton crew is if most resources are being devoted to 9.0 and we’re talking specifically Bfa class stuff. there is no way they are understaffed or lacking however.


I suspect not only have they put all Class development on hold until 9.0, but that the 9.0 patch/xpac will not only completely overhaul classes, but also include a level squish and revamped talent trees.

We can only hope that should this be the case they use that opportunity to address the elephant in the room of WoW class design, something that has plagued the game since Vanilla - the VAST differences in utility between classes, with some clearly having toolkits that make those classes essential to any serious PvE & PvP content while others are only required when their damage or healing is overtuned.

Blizzard needs to bring back “bring the player not the class”.


If I play classic WoW on release i’m definitely going straight to shaman. I played it most of my vanilla days and regardless of role or group the amounts of utility and buffs I brought was great compared to the butchered version that is BFA shaman.

That and classic windfury is a billion times more powerful and fun than BFA windfury


Youtubers with connections at blizz like BellularGaming had a few videos where they stated that the mass recent community firings greatly involved people who were collecting and organizing class development feedback since early BFA days. With all those people gone organizing the necessary feedback into actual changes is likely difficult, since the ones actually implementing the changes in code (programmers/software engineers) don’t have time to sift through feedback.

(Jape) #58

I get the feeling that we have another big set of changes coming in a later build.

Essence balance is all over the place and the vast majority of them are complete garbage.

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Guys remember those 800+ layoffs a few months back? Most of those were in house alpha testers related to class balancing and community outreach.

So if it feels like they aren’t doing anything or even talking about what they aren’t doing… that’s by design.

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We came into the new expansion without a new talent rows or abilities. In fact, we lost what we gained from our artifacts.

They gave up before BFA was even released and it shows.

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I read an article saying that they layed off non-game-development departments.

(Masoschism) #62

Including all the people whose job it is to get feedback on class design.


Youd think with how little work is being done on classes they would have extra development time to at least do proper tuning.

But nope. Horrible classes and horrible tuning as well.

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Would you just reroll already? Jesus, we get it. Unholy isn’t strong enough for you to be content. Everyone has gotten it for the past several months.