Blizzard: Fix the Island grind :/


Islands are the worst. Have to run an hour of content each week just to keep up… they are repetitive AF.
Worst of all, oh got to do my 4 heroic islands… nope. some kick happy individuals kicked someone 3K into the island and now blizzard has called upon me to carry these pugs through the island. Bonus reward, towards completion of map, should be baseline for whatever you are running. Hate getting put into an already running island when the reward isn’t worth it. But can you just leave, not without that deserter buff. Please stop time gating the boring AF islands and give a baseline reward. Regardless if I was in the island for 1K or the 9K …should receive the entire amount. When queing for islands, the customer (me), is under the impression I am queing for a full experience, not 15 minutes of my time for half the value. Cant wait to see this system go to the way side and burn in hell.


People still do islands ? I thought everyone got the clear message from blizz that the constantly stacking AP catchup makes grinding pointless ? I have 6 characters at AP 42-44 and between all of them they’ve probably done 6 island weekly quests total, and they also ignore the vast majority of WQs and emissaries (especially AP emissaries).


Don’t do heroic islands man. Start a mythic group in the lfd. You’ve got the gear, set a min ilvl, team up with 2 people just like you tired of carrying people, and you’ll finish faster than you ever did doing random heroics.


Once you are above 410 your best bet is to make a premade and do mythic islands. The drop rates in the other difficulties seem to be noticeably lower.

If you are like me you should probably just stop bothering with isles. I know I will not bother with them until blizz either fixes them or near the end of the expansion.

(Muiria) #5

i have 3 peopke left to save and 5 pets still to get. also never got a mount in them ethier. :disappointed:

(Licher) #6

How does one go about maxing out their necklace without doing islands or WQ?
(Briefly returning player after a break)

(Windlnk) #7

After a very long time probably. Considering the best sources of azerite are wqs, emmissaries, and ies, his toons likely had their necks built up over a long period of mythic+ dungeon rewards and weekly chests. Id say the mission table but realisticly you have to do wqs to get the resources for it.


you don’t

blizzard purposefully designed BFA such that the combo of WQs, emissaries and islands offer the vast majority of AP this expansion

which is another incredibly stupid design decision on the same level as the GCD changes to long offensive/defensive cooldowns

(Varrow) #9

My suggestion would be to ignore islands because they are completely unnecessary to get AP and some of the worst content in the game. I haven’t done islands in months.


You can just do the assaults/invasions and max out the neck. My 111 DH just does the assaults and the mission board and has a 41 neck and I didn’t start working on that till 2 months ago.

(Sifu) #11

The Island Expidition pets are DIRT CHEAP on AH. I just bought them all. They’re going for like 500g each these days. Will probably drop more by the end of expansion.

(Landcruiser) #12

This is news to me. I do the island expeditions. I still get the ARtifact Power from them. I’m not sure I understand what this thread trying to say. It clearly states in the reward what you get for doing the scenario on different difficulty setting. I run the normal ones as I am able to solo most the mobs. I like knowing I can solo the mobs because most times I run them, my two team mates seam to be too happy to pvp the other faction during the scenarios. I go the opposite direction and just keep pulling mobs and most time the team I am on gets the victory.

(Xyndra) #13

They nerfed the drops in these like crazy and I don’t recall ever reading about it being nerfed. I have gotten a few of the mounts. But really, for the measly little amount of AP you get in them, they should really fix them. I try to run them on all my characters every week…because the map quest you get could actually make it worth the time. But it’s definitely not worth the time when you get nothing but doubloons.


theres really no point in doing them there just a pain with no reward, pretty much sums up BFA.

(Siyonae) #15

I run these every week on multiple characters - mainly for the map. But I get seriously ticked off on my main that there is no “filler” reward for the quest turn in when neck lvl is at 50. The AP does nothing for me. I am there for mounts and transmog. I have all pets, a few mounts, most toys, most transmogs, all achieves except the pvp ones. The pvp ones aren’t done because every time I get a group to queue, we sit in queue for 30 mins and get bored waiting.

Anyway, a buff to the drop rates or a way to target what we are missing would be lovely. I don’t need mounts added to the vendor-that idea is boring. Someone suggested being able to purchase items that summon an invasion of your choice and would increase the loot chances for that loot table. I like that idea better.

Very much looking forward to the new islands coming. For everyone who comes on here and complains they hate islands, there are like 25 players for every complainer that are still running islands w no problem. I hate warfronts. I don’t do them unless the big quest is up for my main.

So if you don’t like islands, don’t run them. Many of us actually do like them though. I know, it’s a shock! :yum:

(Kwizzlix) #16

They should just slap the mounts on the vendor, cause crap, when the expansion is over and you still need to farm the mounts, how the heck are you going to find two other people to que with?

(Hasylla) #17

I have not done an island expedition since shortly after maxing out my HoA back in mid April. What would serve as an occasional nudge to get me back into doing them would be the ability to complete them solo. I don’t mean queue solo and be put on a three player team, but rather to have the entire map to myself.

Currently each time it feels like a rush to collect the target amount of azerite to get it over with. The ability to solo the map would at least let me spend a bit more time on exploration. I am somewhat looking forward to seeing the two new islands, but that feeling gets muted knowing it will be the usual rush to finish it.

Island expeditions feel like they’ve been infected by the rush, rush, rush mentality that mythic+ encourages.

(Siyonae) #18

Would love to be able to solo queue as well!

(Darragar) #19

Please, for 8.2 please let us buy the mounts with doubloons or something.


For the love of dubloons, let us buy the mounts or something to trigger specific mobs.