Blizzard Fining Memes / Remulos PVE Oceanic Right Now

Blizzard sent a fine for 1000$ for a player posting a Pepe Meme (Google “Blizzard Fine Pepe”)

Just putting it here so people can see what Blizzard is up to.

Remulos PVE Oceanic server currently has 6 undead male mage bots ressing and running into the dungeon over and over, One resses and dies repeatedly in the same spot (one day for 5 hours straight) Blizzards Ban efforts have done nothing and every time I see them it’s incredibly disheartening, The gold they earn is increasing the cost for everyone, Casual players having to farm for extra time is tragic, Whoever works for Blizzard and let’s this stuff happen, I hate you on a personal level. Thanks, T.

1st and foremost Id like to encourage you to lay off the drugs because nothing you just said makes much sense.

As for the 1k fine, they were “pro players” who used profanity in a live broadcast tourney. Athletes etc get fined all the time for similar so really nothing to see here.

But mostly… lay off the drugs


About 1K per meme

See above about laying off the drugs

In the future, you should probably create two different topics. A thread that is about both Blizzard Esports and Bots on Oceanic servers is doomed to be fractured in all different directions as people are unable to follow your posting intent.

I meant a cash money amount.

They didn’t even have to pay the fine, it got appealed.

So it’s okay? if no who are you arguing with if yes what?

It’s more like… who cares?

As a company, you do have some sway in what kind of stuff people can post by your guidelines. It really doesn’t matter what it is, if you sign up for their tourney/rules, they are allowed to ask you this sort of thing.

If it was a straight up fine with no opportunity to appeal, I’d agree with you this is news and a major problem. But that didn’t happen, he was informed of the reason they didn’t want pepe, he removed it, and no fine was charged.

This is something most corporations would do. It’s not unusual in the slightest.

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Did you even look up what Pepe is a symbol off before you came here whining about this or are you a member of the groups who use Pepe as a symbol of their Ideology?

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It’s not a symbol of anything it’s a cartoon frog. Chill out Hillary.


You better chill out Karen. You can claim its just a cartoon frog all you want but the rest of the world knows it is a Racist symbol you are trying to defend!


You troll the net because your real life is terrible. I’m happy that you’re miserable.


A repealed 1k fine wasn’t anywhere near enough, they should have been permanently banned along with everyone else who posts white supremacist trash.

You can keep making excuses but only a hermit wouldn’t know what that symbol stands for. Keep looking for excuses for your defense of a Racist Symbol!

The social justice is strong with this one.:joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:

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You say that like it’s a bad thing.

I’ve never understood that. You are aware, are you not that Justice is a good thing? it’s something we all should want? Logically, therefore, social justice is a good thing, and something that is entirely reasonable and appropriate to fight for?

It’s like the people who claim they’re “anti antifa” and don’t realize what they are saying about themselves.

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