Blizzard Employee Response Thread

This is a magical thread where only Blizzard employees should respond.

Keep in mind, if you respond here (OP doesn’t count), we’re going to assume you are, in fact, a Blizzard employee.

  1. Don’t respond unless you’re a Blizzard employee
  2. If you do respond, we get to assume you are, in fact, a Blizzard employee henceforth.

Let the thread :balloon: begin!

:fire: :cold_face: :fire:

I would post here, but then I could be accused of impersonating a Blizz employee (which I am not).

Oh wait…

Using the words “Blizzard,” “Blue,” or any community team members’ names in a thread topic is frowned upon.

Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that; however, use of such words in the subject line does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion.


:shark: You knew the rules when you got in the water.

Well now I’m feeling blue :frowning_face:

Sounds like you’re trying to “out” some employees for pvp revenge or ??? (Disclaimer Not a Blizz employee, buggers don’t hire in Canada!)

While they say turnabout is fair play, I would never sink that low. :scissors: :fire:

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I hope you enjoy 8.2.5 in two weeks. :wink:

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Haven’t logged in for months.

(Always figured you were… ** /me tries to look cool and wink back ** :crazy_face:)

Yeah, I totally work for Blizzard. Absolutely. I’m not lying through my camel-lips in the least. Not me. :grin:

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There have been fifty posts in the last four days from Reds on the League of Legends board.

gg blizz

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Blizzard Employee here. Here’s what I got to tell ya’ll:

Due to the overwhelming success of Classic, we will be stopping all updates on BfA and focusing our efforts on the majority, since it rakes us in more money.

BfA will continue for what it is, but do not expect future updates. It is a waste, and money hole on our part, and we will not make that mistake again. The retail player base won’t buy our store mounts. :angry:

As for Classic, after we finish all phases, we will introduce new content through patches. Never-before seen content, tailored specifically just for the classic player base. It’s a few years out, mostly in the development phase. Basically, it’s an alternate timeline involving the Bronze Dragonflight, and quite a few things will happen that I’m sure the players will love!

Such exciting things coming down the pipeline! :blush:

Moderator: Locking thread, as calling out Blizzard in the title or text of your posts violates forum rules.

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