Blizzard did a pretty good job


I’ve played since launch and I believe this is the last large scale mmo we will ever get. The open world was lively and people were fun to play with.

The over population per server and lack of Blizzard treating this game in a real way is why I don’t care about it either. One thing I really like is that I can resub for BG’s randomly in the future because this game is forever and I can jump right in.

Did Blizz satisfy your urge for old school WoW? I think it was good enough. I don’t want a redo or another release.


People who have reasonable expectations are satisfied…for now. The real test will be after they have released everything and they have nothing left to dangle.

Sad to think that a 15 year old game is the BEST the industry has to offer and there is nothing on the horizon that can change that.


Im enjoying my classic experience. The way i see it, is im paying for a sub to classic. Retail just happens to be a perk that i dont plan on utilizing. If the classic program ends, so will my subscription.


Yes im enjoying this game more than i have since end TBC. I was still playing retail some until Classic. Now i recall how much more i used to enjoy it and can never go back thier.


Haven’t played WoW since WoD came out, and wasn’t even really playing video games much for the last year or so.

Now I’m spending most of my free time playing Classic.

So, yes.


I thought it was reasonable to expect vanilla server sizes. So, yeah I’m not really satisfied.


If Blizzard continues classic into BC and then perhaps into WotLK wow is gonna last for quite a while thankfully.


I couldn’t agree more. Classic was everything I hoped it would be, and gave me a chance to recapture my love of a game I played during a totally different chapter of my life.

I also think it is the last real MMO of its kind we will ever see, and that all future releases will much more closely resemble the data-driven approach of retail. This is the last great MMO made by real gamers, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to revisit it.

I’d like to see BWL, and maybe AQ, or ZG. I plan to play the heck out of battlegrounds. After that? I can ride into the sunset smiling, content that I was able to relive the experience I was after.

If at any time I want to come back for BGs my gear is always still relevant and I can just…play. That’s a gift in this era of microtransactions and gear resets.


If you expected that you didn’t pay attention. Even if the capped the realms at vanilla levels. We wouldn’t have vanilla levels. We’d have several dead realms.


No. We’d just have queues. Classic has proven itself too popular to die like that.


Oh, your one of those people that believes the population hasn’t declined significantly since launch.

Carry on then


Meanwhile, many realms still have queues, and concurrent online populations about 4-5x that of a vanilla server.


Ques and population decline are not linked.

Blizzard can change the que on the fly. The population changes with the wind.


I am loving classic. Only thing they messed up on is skeleton nerfs. Also crossrealm bg’s Are meh… I’m loving the lvling experience and taking my time. Got to lvl 45 so far. LOVING the pvp rank 4 so far and the battles that have taken place in STV have been epic. Alliance camping the 2 valleys in badlands horde town was really fun to watch people run and get one shotted by 40 alli. Just so many memorable moments so far and it’s amazing. Love the wpvp.

-Undead Rogue.


In the beginning the World of Warcraft was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.


I’ve been having a lot of fun.

I wasn’t even in the loop about Classic, so it was a cool surprise when I started playing WoW again last August (after being away for about a decade; I went to WoW after growing bored of a game called Rift).


Still enjoying myself 3 months in and looking forward to all the stuff I still have left to do.


Yep! Thanks for everything Blizzard, even with the spell batching bugs cropping up, I’ve had a lot of fun.


Ooh so edgy.


Blizzard did an excellent job.

Classic is thriving and the most popular platform they have curtently.

All my servers are packsd 24/7 in every zone.