Blizzard Communication

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I highly doubt he’s doing anything game related. The fact communication still sucks is testament to that. Haven’t seen anything regarding class changes or the lack of fun for starters. He simply cars more about his Weird Al Yankovic hair. Than his job.

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I am not offering any commentary. It was pointed out the only CM who communicates was let go.


How many of them involve stickies?

He may be getting burned out, but I’m sure that he’s doing his job. If not, then why keep him?

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Not seeing how that has anything to do with the conversation. It was stated.

It was not stated “only cm that was willing to post specifically in stickies”


I don’t know why you are suprised… Everybody knows that at Blizzcon, if you ask something that they consider inapropriate, you are “invited” to leave. Why would they behave different in Q&A ?


When I hit Blue Tracker I saw a lot of posts done by a CM that looks like updates to stickies, something that’s needed but not necessarily actually interacting with the client. For example:

It’s actually a lot of posts.

Wow, Kaivax is more active than I thought. I stand corrected.


While I agree that communication is an extremely weak point for the teams on this game I am afraid you suffer from a common mis apprehension.

As teams get larger accurate and timely communication outside of the teams becomes more complex and harder rather than easier. If you have a team of 30 you may only have to speak to 1-3 people to be sure that all aspects of information to be communicated out are both accurate and appropriate. Once you get to 50 the number is likely to be 2-5 and so on. It become even worse as you start to deal with team leads who want/need to communicate internally and get back to you.

So I know it’s frustrating, and like I said something this team needs to do better. But your example is not as good as you think.

Also, anyone spreading “the devs are at fault for people being banned for an obvious exploit” fails on almost every level.

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Kaivax basically took over the forum posting once the Yak (unfortunately) was let go.

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Or they just decided on a different approach. Not all companies are the same.

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Not a grind if you just passively played the game since launch.

Not a grind if you just passively played the game since launch.

Ok, somewhat true, I think again the problem with azerite is that it’s too in your face and unbalanced on classes for the traits system. Some have lack luster traits compared to other classes that get some stellar stackable ones.

PvP is a weird animal, you should just PvP to get rewards, you should enjoy it too. Like the thrill of competition, the end game should be a passive thing a reward like it currently is, not a means to gear up…and they said it’s this way now because there’s no major difference between pvp gear and pve gear like it used to be.

Yeah the RNG is awful, not awful if you play the game often, awful if you play the game casually and your fun time is limited. You can get in a loot rut so to speak. WF and TF should not be a means to an end for enjoyment to grind and strive for, it should be a lucky lottery roll that puts a smile on your face.


Is this really true? Yikes…


Clearly this approach isn’t doing anything to rectify or improve player trust in their brand. Just saying :slight_smile:


I’d hazard a guess that none of Blizzdevs can actually write? Idk, makes the most sense to me.

I mean Lore can almost read… kinda-ish…


They are arrogant, probably operate in a red-tape filled echo chamber, and likely see anything that disagrees with their stupid ideas as an ‘attack’.

I’m really done with trying to be nice about this. WoD should have been a huge wake-up call.

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Oh but how they do!

“If players weren’t so mean to them when they did communicate they’d do it more.” is the usual line.

I assume it’s also our fault for the unnecessary condescension too.

But you’re on point.

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You mean Activision? Or their defenders?



small indie company


Activision, Blizzard and their butt-washers.

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Because smaller development teams don’t have financial overlords pulling the strings. If Blizzard told its playerbase the real reason it does anything, they wouldn’t have any customers left.


“Blizzard Communication”?!? Is this a thread for oxymorons?!

Neat! I’ll go next: Interesting Human Paladin.