Blizzard can code 1.5 AV right now

Let’s not use the excuse that they cant 1.5 AV because they can’t code it. If a PS can they can do it far better. How exactly did a PS guess so accurately all of the mobs, models for Korrack etc. 1.5 code exists.

Also I know they have the code lying around. They can dig it up if needed.

That’s BS that they can’t 1.5.


Too soon. Way too soon.

Given the choice between loot sharing and av 1.12…

I’ll take 1.12 av


Honestly, I could live with that trade off.

They’ve made it clear that they cannot be trusted to determine what is the “best”, in regard to WoW.




Well, go there and play it. Don’t care what version a Pirate server has and can do.


Don’t be so sure . They surprised us with Diablo immortal .they can very much do same with Warcraft franchise and come up with wow 2 on mobile .

Jokes are a thing even on these forums.

I think all pservers’s AV version is a mishmash of 1.5, 1.8 and even 1.12 features, so I’m not sure using pservers as a starting point is a good reference.


Blizzard shouldn’t have an opinion on ANYTHING classic related. It’s supposed to be a fan service time capsule of the CLASSIC version of WoW. Not the version Blizzard thinks is the “best”.

What Blizzard thinks is the “best” version of WoW is why people started to petition, scream, and beg for classic servers in the first place.


Version. Version.

All these people wanting Blizzard to put authenticity first, before all else. Talk about 1.12 AV and they suddenly prefer a custom built, unauthentic version of 1.5 AV.


Its almost like you tell them its enough candy for the night, they scream and whine and eat more candy then wonder why their stomachs are swore.

We got 1.12, live with it. If you can’t don’t play.

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Idk everything about classic seems pretty dope to me.

Even with the things I don’t agree with. It’s almost like… I’m an adult or something.


Lol uhh they’re remaking THEIR game… I think they’re gunna have an opinion on it you goon

PS “1.5 AV” is just 1.12 AV with 1.5 shjt haphazardly thrown in. It’s not accurate at all and NOT what WoW: Classic is about.

If you want your inaccurate PS quality AV, go play on a PS.


Did you? Nostalrius was upfront about them not knowing or having the data. They placed the mines for example completely based randomly because they didnt have accurate coordinates. Didnt they even put this on their Twitter all those years ago?

Why are you lying and saying PServers have 100% accurate 1.5 AV?

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The current WoW dev team has almost zero of the original vanilla developers. They also ruined their game to the point where people screamed, cried, and petitioned for classic. BFA is the worst WoW expac to date, relying on a cash shop for it’s revenue stream and not monthly subs.

Blizzard has proved they don’t know anything about making a good MMORPG post classic, Classic is OUR game not THEIRS. It’s meant to be a a showcase of the classic Vanilla experience. The grueling, grindy, slow one. A museum of Vanilla WoW in it’s most classic state.

If you can’t understand that basic concept, you honestly shouldn’t be posting on these forums.



Omar Gonzales is one of the Classic devs and he worked on Vanilla.

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Point being? The lead was one of the best vanilla players out there.

Yeah and that game is retail, not classic. Not related. They have two completely different design philosophies. Actually they have the exact OPPOSITE.

Yeah dude we get it, BfA is bad. Where the relevance here? You want them to go back and rehire vanill devs who are already employed elsewhere because you think that will somehow make it better? You’re thinking like a toddler.

Hey I hate to break it to you. But it’s their game. Whether you like it or not they can do whatever they want to it. It’s not meant to be our game. It’s meant to capture vanilla, yes. And they are sticking to using versions from vanilla which is good. Just because you dislike that specific version FROM VANILLA doesn’t mean they’re ruining it, it just means your a cry baby.

The basic concept of what? That you obviously live in a fairy tale land and have zero grasp on the real world? Because I completely understand that.