Blizzard buffing UA dispel

No more Dream Projection.


And a silence. Don’t forget the silence.


Good. Affliction with the PENALTY DID NOTHING.

NOTHINGGGG. That and the dot transfer bugging out.

Do you have any idea how annoying it is to have to CONSTANTLY cast dots that get cleansed milliseconds after casting them??


Tbh healers were spam dispelling UA, so it def needed some attention to make them think twice.


“dispel me!!!”
“I can’t or I’ll get hit for 75% of my hp!!!”
loses game
Great design. I don’t mind it doing damage, but cmon. SPriest dots get dispelled freely, why not aff locks?
Aff was the bane of my existence in SL bc I was so terrified of dispelling against them.


So when is the ideal time to dispel UA?

When you and your teammates are at 100% hp and you can waste a damage reduction defensive? Then, you can dispel UA and not heal for 4 seconds?

4 seconds feels like an eternity when your teammates are getting bursted down. And if the other team chains CCs after the silence, RIP.

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Affliction does a ton of damage if you don’t dispel though. It’s a lose lose

When they cast Singularity and Soul Rot? Sorry you shouldn’t be able to completely shut down Aff’s dmg every 8 seconds


I am sure there will be patch notes in 2 weeks that change the buff, reducing it in PVP, and yadda yadda, gotta give people stuff to do.

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When you have htt down

I was spam dispelling UA tbh, don’t think a buff to the backlash is that out of left field. It’ll still be worth to dispel during soul rot or during a go where you can immediately duck behind a pillar.


Time to let my melee sit in 7-second roots again, this sucks.

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Getting dispelled on cd was starting to shut aff down really hard especially if curse removal was involved.

It shut them down so hard they’d go from #1 dam to bottom, significantly. Happened every shuffle I was healing that involved UA locks.


People really complaining about UA lock. It’s like the least problematic spec in the game to deal with.
Just sic your melee army on them and watch them die while being useless.

UA dispel is currently doing 70-90k. Most healers can passively heal through that with HoT and a shield or riptide. It’s pretty much always worth dispelling right now.


Mine hits for 60k for one UA. Dispelling UA on 3 targets after the buff isn’t killing you but it really should.

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All the time honestly. Even after this minor buff, it’s a joke. Lock main, 3 healer alts. I spam dispell UA. The silence DRs, if you’re fully geared and dispell 3 you’ll still be fine.

spheres went from a niche talent to a worthless one real fast. impressive lol


Healers aren’t making a choice to dispel, they are literally dispelling off cd.


The healing from its like 50k for almost no mana cost now though right?

that competes with short cocoon, aura, revival immunity, port stun, disarm, etc.

on paper it would be good for damp games, but hilariously enough the specs that potentially make the games damp are the ones with a dispel protection that can grief you.

also if you’re wondering how this is gonna feel like, just imagine playing with a hunter and instead of your soothing getting cancelled every time he feigns, you’re also silenced (+200k dmg), horrified, or knockedup