Blizzard Activision crossover raids

All 9999 levels of candy crush - candy crush
Hell to fight Diablo - Diablo
The gulag - modern warfare
I didn’t play StarCraft what’s a setting there - StarCraft
An overwatch raid but it’s just a reskin of an old raid made slightly brighter
The state of California better business bureau

While it might be a fun gimmick… Nah. No thanks.

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Yeah you’re right let’s stick to dragons and gay auto tuned after life robots

You had me at gay.

Also you can only do it with 1 tank. It’s practically a whole new raid!

skatepark raid with chad muska, eric koston, bob burnquist, andrew reynolds and tony hawk as raid bosses. instead of covenants we join skate teams and grind rep to become the top skater in the land.

rodney mullen the end expansion boss.

this idea is gold

tony hawk’s whole mechanic would be for you to figure out if it’s actually tony hawk or not

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I know it’s Sunday but can we try to at least make the threads a little better quality than this?

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Is this the lyrics of the new billy Joel song ?


this thread is top quality get bent if you have no great ideas to contribute

calm down madish, no need to tell people to get bent
blizzard already does that with their eons long grind content

I’m expecting a Spyro the dragon reference in dragonflight.

But those new gnoll models could also make for a funny crash bandicoot reference.

i will never calm down

for i am a gamer