Blizz... You're terrible

How is it possible that after almost 20 years, you STILL can’t balance this game. You have now over-buffed Evokers to the point that they are easily doing 40-50k sustained DPS in arena. That’s just asinine. Your rollercoaster buffing/nerfing is such hot garbage, but yet you refuse to listen to the community. With the current state of Warrs, Evokers and DHs, it’s obvious you flat out don’t care about PvP, or the player base that enjoys it.


Devastation seems kind of doomed to do galaxy damage.


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Forgot to mention rogue too.


You mean the only class that has been nerfed every single week since launch? That makes sense…

Yea cause you know… rogue isn’t trashing everything it goes up against… Minus a warrior maybe? oh boowhoo! your bleed damage is insane, you can 100-0 in a single stun lock lol


Yes. 10 characters.

Name a competitive game that has “balance”

Lots of over performing classes priests for sure need to be looked at shadow and disc

In fairness, they nerfed DHs like 4 consecutive patches.

assa rogue still disguisting beyond belief and better than every class you listed shiv and mind numbing needs to be removed from the game

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The games has never been balanced and never will be. Highs and lows every season, shakes things up!

Their balance meetings go like this.
Assa rogue is over performing, better nerf arms.


You are playing the single most OP class in the game, to date. Why are you crying?

You left out rogues for some reason. Can you explain why?

Devokers have been on the rise lately

They hurt us too.

You had me until you defended rogues further down the line. Get a grip

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