Blizz you gotta separate out XP-Off Twinking

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I thought twinks had the advantage because they already had bis?


Who needs a timer, at this rate you will be complaining somewhere else.
Maybe continue on the “Disable Twinks in Classic” thread. :neutral_face:

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I don’t think they are posting there. It’s really just Greyhide, and I did once or twice.

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I just leveled 103-109 entirely (except one invasion) in bgs. I saw a handful of twinks over 18 games and oddly enough they were typically hunters. There was not a single gy camp in any of those games.

I posted a screenshot that shows how many hunters were in almost every game. Very few were twinks. Players gravitate to busted class/specs and even if you separate queues, they will still do that.

Twinks got blamed even when there weren’t any. Someone blamed “all the twinks” in an AB. I asked who the twinks were and they said “look at the damage”. Top 3 were hunters and not one of them were 109. Who twinks at 106 or 107?

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Yep like I said tons of times in these threads >twinking = top dmg apparently<

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Seems that faction changing is going to be a popular service for Blizzard. It’s the only way to repeat some quests in order to try and proc an epic version of the item. Activi$ion is never one to turn down money lol


When i joined a 111 threw 119 bg on my boosted monk and got steam rolled wanna know what i did…

I BUSTED OUT LAUGHING ALMOST TO TEARS LOL…and said to myself, wow…i got some work to do.

Than you come on here and…

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So they’ve come up with a new way to farm up epics. But levelers in bgs aren’t going to be questing for gear, that’s why they’re queuing.


Imo lazy. Like their game play.

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I think lazy people need to stop complaining and learn how to actually PvP and gear their characters before fighting other players.

These people complaining are likely the same people who turn WM on, then complain all over the forums and Facebook that people won’t stop ganking them.


I play some endgame pvp but I like to change my characters a lot so I end up mostly playing low level pvp. Separating xp off hasn’t stopped me, I just made a new hunters that is still dominating as much as my xp off characters, even more so with no competition from twinks. Very few levelers enchant their heirlooms so that plus an op class makes it easy enough. Separating queues hasn’t helped people who are just determined to lose.


Please! TWIKING IS ALL I HAVE DONE FOR 15 YEARS! I…i just can’t play if this is the “direction” you wanna go…yeah these are real damn tears.

Me personally will be 6 subs you will lose…

…so much time wasted just to have it taken away…why…its official they don’t care about the player base.


Do not throw in the towel yet, Aresego.
All of our hard work will go unnoticed, the power is still in the same place.


ill try, i will try and stick around but honestly it like withdrawal at this point and only blizzard or who made this decision is to blame. Clenches fists Its disgusting, how they and lots of the community treat us.


Nothing has changed, the same players who were getting globaled pre 8.1.5 are still getting globaled.
Make a statement, in whichever way you know best.
Some XPon brackets refused to re-queue as of last evening due to “Same Twink Team”, farming the GY for full duration, which end in a Tie.


To the op. And any readers.

It may have been said before, but not everyone enjoys endgame pvp, especially in it’s current state. Just like some people prefer old pve’s (we don’t have a problem with x9’s carrying us through dungeons, that’s for sure).

Endgame PvP also has a lot of the same discrepancies that low level does, gear wins and it’s not always balanced. End game PvP doesn’t give XP either but people do it. For gear or honor maybe, but mostly because they like PvP.

At lower levels a lot of people who make X9’s just enjoy the skill set, be it simple, or more complex but not quite max level playstyle. Some people enjoy the prospect of realistically obtainable gear (outside of gf stuff).

For low level PvP, there is a lot more blizz can do to balance stuff than just split it.


Me personnaly, i have been throwing this idea around of the stat templates idea. I feel like it is odd, just thinking to myself for a moment, but i have to ask myself the question. Why did blizz merge the brackets back together again xp on and off in legion? Some would say it was because they were balanced and werent wrecking face again, but i mean honestly, blizzard could have kept them separate if they wanted to. I think there is more than meets the eye when blizzard introduced the stat templates idea.

Ever since trial of the crusades patch, twinks were told that there que times would be separated between xpon and xp off. However, this left no middle ground for exp off style pvp. I mean, i was always a casual twinker, maybe a couple hundred gold on a twink. If that much. I feel that maybe blizzard is still experimenting with pvp stat templates. They added them in legion, to see how it would affect pvp at all the areas, and maybe this is one of the reasons why they added twinks to the mix of the levelers.

On the subject of being a casual xp off player, it really is hard to blurr the line. I mean, you are either a twink or your not a twink. To illustrate that, i was in several twink exp off bgs, and there was always like one lvl 15 with like 600 health, and 0 enchants etc. It was well uninformed for alot of players joining xp off. Twink bgs work very similar to rated bgs or high end raiding. You have to do certain activities, join a guild, be at a specific place at a specific time, join a discord and look at xpoff and so forth.

I feel that maybe, just maybe blizz took out pvp stat templets because it wasn’t fully realized as to what their full potential was. It could very easily pave a way for a more casual setting for xp off battlegrounds. For example, blizz could reintroduce pvp stat templates as an option for exp off bg asking if you would like to use a pvp stat template. If you chose to do so, you would be qued with the levelers. You would also have the option of not doing so and not have a pvp template, but then you would be with the twinks only, and your ques would be separated. This would be more of a hardcore mode, which currently exists.

Back in the days leading up to the trial of crusade wrath of the lich king patch, i could log on my pathetically geared and enchanted twink and still pvp casually. it would add a casual way to pvp with levelers, while also having your exp turned off. I don’t think it would satisfy everyone, but for the people who just want to log on and stab some peeps and log off in an hour before work, this would allow them to do that, and you wouldn’t have to level. No regearing or anything like that, and once you reach the progressive end for you, its done. There are more statistics for max lvl pvp for gearing and such.

If you look at some of the aspects of previously added in previous expansions, for example loot sharing, it was added to see how it could be used to counter ninja looters. That didn’t see any major introductions until legion. Legion also had max lvl scaling, which now, every zone and dungeon scales to a certain extent. Im just saying, pvp stat templates could very well be a good edition for those that want to keep their exp off, while still pvping with lvlers. I feel it could work out quite nicely if implemented in the future. Maybe i am wrong and pvp stat templates are gone, but i have this hunch there is more to that. It all goes back to that remerging bracket twinks with lvlers xpoff with exp ques thing i mentioned earlier. I thought that would never happen in a million years.

Blizzard also had a major development oversight or something, because xp off still merged with leveling players all though bfa until the recent patch, and twinking was pretty much the bc early wrath days all over again. Either they forgot or something, but someone messed up. Either way , i feel if blizzard wanted to merge brackets xpoff and on back together, they would, but i dont feel they have perfected it yet. i could be wrong, but maybe. The hardcore twinks could go against there own twinks with separations, and the casuals would join lvlers with there exp of and there stat templates turned on. Sounds like a win win to me. Just my theory, but it is there. There were also things like real id which no one liked, which was also reintroduced once blizzard perfected, it as it kind of wasnt very descriptive, and people could use it to exploit others personal privacy. Real id was gone for a bit though. I dont think i remember anything more controversial than real id, cataclysm making heroics to hard was another one, adn blizzard started with challenge mode in pandaria, which is basically mythic plus, and twinking. All those were so controversial. So maybe blizzard is working on a middle ground for twink pvp as well. who knows.


Nice necro.


Maybe it took him 24 days to type it up

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Do I need to have read Deathgob’s earlier works to understand the sequels or can I just jump right into any of his books and understand what’s going on?

Might clear my afternoon tomorrow to peruse this one. Might even download on kindle.