Blizz to censor women and lgbt for CHINESE MONEY?


So what’s this I’m hearing about their refusal to stand up for what they say they believe in by chasing money in China? China which is demanding they censor their women in all their games AND remove LGBT characters (or at very least hide the lore including any LGBT reference and/or make them unobviously LGBT)? So how about that mission statement, Blizz? Profit over people, right? Consider me never to buy a Blizzard product again and to delete my nearly 15 years of dedication if this happens. Gross.

(Fliktarg) #2

honestly blizzard should just ignore the chinese government. It isn’t like they can do anything about it. They can try to bar their games from being sold but the reality is people want to play them over there so they will find a way to buy them regardless.

(Valora) #3

This will get removed because you referenced China. That’s a no no. That’s kind of the unwritten rule of tech companies though and the entertainment industry. They’ll toast themselves with being the champions of liberal ideology, but when it comes to money, they’ll aid and abet any demand, no matter what human rights get trampled.
Imagine all these tech companies in 1940s Germany. Wow no ty lol.
The whole industry has a glaring issue here. They can point fingers at each other and say well they’re doing it, we’ll lose out on a chance for profits if we don’t.
Is that really money you want if you’re a moral person?


They will bar them from doing business directly with the country but I imagine it’ll be just like the illidan server, they’ll use our servers rather, which is fine IMO. This coming in the middle of a campaign where China is punishing people for the most minor of social faux pah AND locking LGBT people up is just insane …and furthermore insane that a western company would pander to that oppression for money.

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I think you might be vastly underestimating what the chinese government can do.

(Rosenivy) #6

Look, I’m a gay transdude. I think it’ll be alright.


Proves to me they are liars, in that case maybe I should just be done with them for having spewed bold faced lies to peoples faces about these issues and then turned around to participate in actual oppression. I feel really bad for the chinese people, tbh… Their govt is out of control.

(Fliktarg) #8

they can’t do anything besides say words that can be ignored. “WE are suing you blizzard!!!” okay good luck because I aint coming to court nor paying you anything.


It isn’t alright. I am also gay and I find it appalling that Blizz would to our faces say one thing while double dealing under the table, participating in China’s bigoted oppression, all for access to a Chinese market. It’s disgusting complicity.

(Padrepwn) #10

Well now isn’t this interesting…any kind of source or citation on this claim you heard?

Not dismissing what you’re saying but that’s a pretty heavy claim.
With some far reaching consequences.
Yea if they do this while putting up the front they have over here? Tsk tsk


Based Chinese money doing the job limp wristed western devs won’t do

(Chaosnachos) #12

Well, they shouldn’t kowtow to them. Yes, it’s extra dollars, but it also alienates your local fans. Save the censorship for the mobile games, which china consumes massively.

(Kirela) #13

First of all, please provide SOME sort of source if you’re going to make these claims. Secondly, please explain what it has to do with wow or take it to the appropriate forum. All the blizz games have their own forums.

#14 first video I found about it but reddit gaming has some various posts about it iirc

(Ramsay) #15

How does a censored game in China have an impact on your life here?

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Heelsvsbabyface just loves negative news. Even if it’s speculation. I wouldn’t trust him as far an anvil can jump.

(Fortuna) #17

Always a credible source… /s


Kirela it has to do with wow because WOW IS ON THE LIST of games they are demanding they censor, particularly when it comes to women.

(Huntillia) #19

Wouldn’t this censorship be applied to just the Chinese version of the game?


And you think because my first video I found was HvB that means Blizz isn’t going to do it? I mean honestly, you’ve seen what they’re doing to Diablo and HAVE already done to WoW for China’s sensibilities…