Blizz should make ONE hardcore PvP server

why not?

some masochists like me would probably enjoy it even though I suck

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People would roll on that server, get mad that pvp happens, then demand Blizz add a wm toggle.

Basically pvp servers all over again.

To all those who are about to be deleted in Stranglethorn, we salute you.

WoW is not a PvP game. It is a PvE game with PvP duct taped on and always has been. You want HC PvP play any survival game where it is standard…which is near all of them.

Personally i think Moonguard should turn into the HC pvp server, randomly, without warning.

and without any safe zones :smiley:

except goldshire, that way eVERYONE has to hang out in goldshire

No safe spaces. It’s supposed to be HC, after all.