Blizz, Seriously, rethink. Don't hurt your good will you've been getting

Blizz, it is stuff like this that makes all the good will you get from changes go out the window.

Many people have spent tens of thousands of gold on these, and you are just making them useless. Who cares if they make a faster leveling experience faster, who cares if they make any changes at all. We have had these since WotLK, did varying things to earn them before we could just buy and have on all characters, all so we could make stuff faster as we have done these things countless times already.

This is just another punish the player event that is unnecessary and honestly, ill thought out big time. Change this, definitely, you already see many people are peeved at this. At a minimum if you are gonna implement this, give us our gold back. It wouldn’t be hard to figure out, as all heirlooms outside of the rings, trinkets, and certain weaps, had a base gold cost, then refund the same amount for every tier it was leveled up.

Otherwise, if you do this, and just say “them’s the breaks” all you are doing is making people that were finally changing their minds about how you were FINALLY listening to people, quit caring more and definitely will not help your declining subs…


For every good choice blizzard makes, they must make at least 1 bad one.


I mean, we’ve known they’re planning on reducing the leveling speed by ~60-70% since Blizzcon. Did people really think they were going to allow us to keep up to 55% bonus XP (depending on what heirlooms you have) on top of that?

That aside, heirlooms aren’t valuable just for their bonus XP. They also serve to allow us to ignore gear for those slots. If people didn’t want that, no-one would have any of the trinkets, necks, or weapons.


Just 1 bad one?



They’re creating a new baseline for leveling, so it’s not as if there’s any noticeable effect on removing Heirloom XP.

It’s like going from 100k DPS to 1k in the squish, it’s not a huge deal if boss HP is also squished hundredfold as well, since they’re going to die in the exact same time.

If the boss HP is squished hundredfold, and your DPS is only squished 50-fold, then you’re essentially doing twice as much DPS as you used to, even if you’re only doing 2k DPS.

All this change means is that new players won’t have nearly as big a handicap as older players will. Heirlooms will probably still be useful simply because they scale.


Heirloom gear is worse in many cases compared to questing gear. So now without the exp bonus, they are just trash to have.


People said it takes 12 hours to hit level 50 in Alpha. Even without heirlooms it’ll still be like a day which isn’t bad.


Reading comprehension is hard :upside_down_face:

The only time they’re significantly worse is Azerite gear in BfA or if it procs an epic upgrade. Plus, questing gear doesn’t scale with your level so even then it catches up rather quickly.

You say this and yet people still use the pieces that already don’t have an XP bonus attached.


Fair enough of the scaling, but there are what, 3 slots without exp bonus? Neck, trinket, weapon, right?
I rarely see people with the neck.

I love how so many people have posts like this, not like blizz will care

It is a bad decision which punishes existing players. :thinking: Nothing can be said to change my mind. When Blizz goes out of their way to collectively punish those that invested time and gold into heirlooms that points to bad mojo up ahead.


My hierlooms can go to hell!

I use it i haye that the speed bonus is so damm usless

I don’t get how player spent “so much gold” you only have to upgrade 1 piece of each armor type for each slot + the rings weapons trinkets. Most weapons were probably only upgraded to 100 since the Legion weapon would take over at that point.

I mean if a player upgraded every single piece of heirloom gear available all the way to 120 that seems like a poor choice on their part. Also we know Blizzard isn’t gonna refund anything. This change is being made for the bigger picture, and 2-3 expansions in the future nobody is going to care about that lost bonus experience after they’ve had years of the newer streamlined leveling.


Operant conditioning. They’ve been eating away at heirlooms for 2 expansions now until they are worthless. They’ve been trying to convince us that it’s exciting to get tiny ilvl upgrades while leveling, even though we have empty slots or slots that haven’t been upgraded in 40 levels - which, of course, the mobs are tuned to attack us as though we had complete armor. They want levelers to be dependent on questing to have any gear at all.

And they know the most addicted players will accept this and keep paying.

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Yeah, it’s not too concerning. It’s supposed to be similar to what it’s like on live with looms right? Im not even halfway through SMV in Draenor and already level 97.

Flying is also going to be available in all zones and we get to choose which expansion to leap into.

What good will?

Systemlands is going to be an anti alt and anti multi spec expansion. The nerf to heirlooms is the nail in the coffin that Blizz heavily dislikes their veteran players and expect them to stick around while they chase new players with massive concessions.

The new players never came with BFA or legion in droves and now they are trying again which I think will fail.

Blizz is chasing a dollar bill attached to a string on the ground while they are losing the five dollar bill in their other hand. Not smart at all!


As someone who has every 'loom except for Fishing & Brawlers, all upgraded to 120…

Good! SL Levelling comes with a natural 60-70% exp boost. You don’t need it to become 80%.

Also, what you’re ignoring is that they are looking for OTHER bonuses to give them. Maybe rep? Profession points? Extra crafting materials from gathering?


Shadowlands is going to throw systems at players at the start of the expansion and will be what causes players to revolt against the borrowed rental systems bloat that has crept into the game like a dreaded gloomy fog. :thinking: