Blizz reimbursed you 5 million gold

I’ll use it to get that good anchorweed on multiple servers if you know what I mean. :wink:

(It is a good mat to stock up on right now)

Honestly, I’d wonder what I’d do with the gold. Sub is still good for a long time and I’m already up to 500k after dropping to 0 after getting the mount. Maybe just save for the next best thing that comes along.

I’d rebuy the mount. I love Brontosauruses. As a kid I love dinos and it was my favorite of the dinosaurs. Plus I got so much mileage out of having that portable AH that I made back the money with interest.

Buy WoW tokens and convert them into funds for my bnet account.

I’d build a money bin and swim around in the gold like Scrooge Mcduck.

exactly this. I would go ahead and max out my account. 2 full years of game time and $300 in bnet balance on top of that.

with the current exchange rate that would still leave me with ~850k gold.

A month later and nobody called you out on this. smh

Call me out on what, buying love? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have you know that buying love is a perfectly acceptable transaction in some areas! :eyes:


Buy 5 million gold worth of mailbox dances of course.

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buy enough tokens to extend my sub till the end of shadowlands or Class boosts. Want a Warlock but too lazy to level one and too cheap to buy a boost with real money.

Tokens, probably. That’s saving real money.

There is nothing wrong with buying a little attention.

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I’m pretty sure this is just a cleverly disguised “I own a Longboi” thread.

use it for funds to buy stuff i dont need but want off the AH Mount. likely transmog or good stat gear that rng gave leech and a socket to…