Blizz needs to start caring about Classic

I am having a lot of fun in phase 2. With a lot of other people. Grobbulus is just a fun server.

Jump in. The water is nice.


Welcome to Emerald F***ing Dream


Rerolled here last week. Place is dope. Need some more allie check ironforge pro keep us balanced!

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Oh, you didn’t want the classic experience :slight_smile:?

I agree but only because i want them to fix the druid mana burn while in form bug.

If you think sitting in BG’s (instanced cross-server content) is better for server health then there’s no hope for you

Many are quitting, and I don’t blame them. I would literally never die 20 times to reach BRD. I’d just play Ninja Gaiden or something instead of WoW. That said, I’m a rogue, so yeah…

GL to all.

I wish someone would move this to general discussion. I actually rolled horde on Grobbulus and this is my main. Both servers have aawful world “pvp”

There you go, the whining achieved something.


We are on an RP/PvP server if do not like PvP, if bothered by PvP, then this is not the place for you.

Yes, some are leaving here but unless the balance goes to heck we should be fine. Might help a bit when bgs start and might be good to stop camping FPs, Ships, and killing lowbee’s on both factions until then.

Most hardcore pvp’ers and lifeless megadweebs aren’t going to quit the game because the honour grind gets shifted to battlegrounds. Casuals and more recreational PvP’ers might quit if the current situation remains.

“PvP on a PvP server” is a fine attitude. I love it. But “World PvP” differs greatly by context. There’s fighting over devilsaur spawns and doing city raids. Then there’s incentivizing every skillless raid-geared rogue on the server to pop questers and lowbies for their entire health bar the second they do something outside a safe zone. There’s having a bunch of shadow priests, warlocks and rogues camp flight paths. And there’s turning the game into a constant zergfest.

I’m having a great time. But we can’t say that people “don’t belong” on a PvP server because they don’t like this particular context. Just because you don’t like all forms of World PvP in all contexts no matter what doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy World PvP. And Blizzard is going to have to decide what kind of environment they want to pomote (which they are trying to do now).


While I understand where you’re coming from, I’d have to disagree. I’ve gotten legitimately frustrated over being camped in the last couple weeks. But I knew what I was getting myself into when I picked a PvP server. So did everyone else. The problem is people got used to layering and thought, “Oh this isn’t so bad.” Now we’ve all gotten a good, swift kick in the rear as a wake up call. Repeatedly. I wouldn’t have the chaos, while maddening, be any different.

I state that 99% of the people on Grobbulus (or any other PVP server for that matter) had no idea what bloodbath the server would turn into after last Thu. I’ve been playing RP_PVP servers since Vanilla. I never saw an hour long Zergfest of blocking the entrance to BRD to the other side. Or of groups 20+ strong going in circles around a zone zerging anything in sight just because they can (and by the time you recover from your corpse run the train would roll over you again).

If you expected this behavior when you started Classic then congratulations on your foresight. I did not. I would not have thought people would get down to this level. I was wrong, I stand corrected. And with that knowledge I would not be on this server. Unfortunately there is no payed server transfer, so I’m stuck. Or I leave Classic again…


Sure, but the reality still remains that people can prefer a less campy, less zergy environment and still enjoy World PvP. I have a hard time telling people that they don’t belong here because the current situation pushed them over a line and they no longer enjoy it.

Or maybe another way of saying it is that people that “don’t belong” in THIS World PvP environment “belong” just fine in a more moderate World PvP environment like the one we had pre-Phase 2. And it is perfectly fine if people want it to return to a playstyle that is more inclusive of them. You’re not anti-World PvP because you don’t think ganking lowbies and 19 man zerg squads at 10am are super fun.


However, I do want to specifically say that I agree with a point you made in another thread (I think it was you): It’s been six days. This is likely not going to sustain.

Honour for most classess is completely worthless after Rank 3 unless you’re planning on grinding up to rank 12-14. It may or may not die down on its own.

You must be a pure resto pve druid if you think our pvp set is worthless. Also the pvp you describe sounds exactly like a pve server so many of these people complaining should have rolled there.

Hey guys, Zeales here.

I agree with you often, but I disagree with this. People were pvping plenty before honor dropped, but it was not like this at all. I don’t think for one second that the removal of layering caused this. In fact, I know it didn’t! Everything was pretty similar after. Sure, a bit more crowded, but it wasn’t flight paths camped for eight hours.

I honestly think very few people knew how extreme it would get, and the fact that people who pvped so much that they never hit 60 are getting called out for not being true pvpers is sadly ironic. I could easily be 60 already, but I’ve been RPing and PvPing (more the latter) instead. That’s why I rolled on an RP-PvP server after all.

imo where retail went wrong is Blizzard listening to the complainy forum dwellers constantly complaining


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that those people don’t belong here. But people have been itching for the more chaotic brand of WPvP in Classic for a long, long time. This was inevitable, and it makes it memorable, imo.

Fair enough. I will say that this would not be anywhere near a problem if layering were still active. So it’s the combination of this being a larger server on a single layer and the honor system dropping.

Funny enough, as many private servers as I’ve played on, this is the first time I’ve gotten to 60 in a “vanilla” iteration. I was too busy PvPing during F R E S H releases to bother getting to 60.

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Part of it is that Classic servers allow player pops that are much higher than Vanilla servers.