Blizz let us trade the ST PVP 2H mace in for an axe or sword with same stats thank you -sincerely all warriors

Seriously no dual spec and making our prebis item a mace is the worst out of touch game design (one of many)

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Ya’ll shined in p1 with hydra. Take a back seat already.


“pursue other paths for power progression”

I’d say that’s a negative ghost rider.
Looks like there’s some good times in the Armory to come.
He’s waiting for a real challenge.

edit: or you could run all of SM since you are Alliance to get Bonebiter

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I firmly believe that WCL players should adapt to the game as it is presented, not the other way around. F your parse.


On the one hand, the stv event gear is not supposed to be bis according to blizzard.

On the other hand, it is kind of an oversight that the lvl 30 Whirlwind Axe is literally better than an epic lvl 40 weapon lol.

I’ve not had or personally seen an issue with obtaining it but someone was posting here the other day stating that certain charms weren’t dropping. It would be fine as pre-bis as well as the other options. I thought Aggrend was pretty clear that the event items weren’t supposed to be the only progression path.

To be fair Blizzard could of nerfed the WW axe to bring it in line with weapons of its ilevel, but they didn’t do that.

If it wasn’t a level 40 weapon, sure. There are plenty of quest items that can be obtained at level 30 that are ilevel 40

Oh how many level 30 warriors you see soloing that quest chain?

People were selling charm sets for warriors to immediately hand it in before p2 even started.

And bringing along a few friends to help with the boss at the end isnt exactly difficult, who cares if you can solo it or not? Theres definitely a tonne of sub 40 warriors running around with ww axe

? no warriors will be shining in p2…at all, defeated by a solo hunter pet in dps…

easily soloable using river and throwing axes

I swear people forget this is an MMO.

U just proved my point… lvl 30 warriors are not soloing a lvl 40 elite. They are grouping up with guildies and playing an MMO. Its a group effort. If it was so easy every warrior and there mom would have it.

Im on lone wolf lvl 37 protadin ive seen 4 warriors with it since i started spamming SM

its super easy to get and doesnt take much to solo. a lot of people have it

less people have it in SOD because they are just using ravager

Your saying its easy to solo below lvl 40? Warriors out here soloing cyclone lvl 40 elite?

I mean, it is very soloable at lvl 30, but “easy” is a gross over simplification.

It’s very easy to mess up and takes like 5+ minutes of not getting ganked.

So lvl 30 warriors are soloing the elementals in arathi highlands? Lol pls then im gonna have to put on my barn boots if the poo gets any deeper


Oh ok exploiting it is then. Makes since

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