Blizz is out right trolling at this point

“Make it more viable to use 1 soul bind for multiple specs”

Currency to change recharges at a rate of 1 per day.

This stinks of blizz digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole, and at this point, they are coming up with outright contradictory messages and now borderlines trolling.

Can’t wait to see what other amusing excuse they can come up with to dig themselves further into this hole.


(btw. the ripcord exists. you can already swap covenant easily. all u gotta do is remove the arbitrary 2 week CD for returning to your previous covenant, and all is well)

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Oh we know but it’s entertaining watching them play twister with their words.

tbh, if we could freely swap between covenants and soulbinds and conduit loadouts, I don’t think these systems would be half-bad at all. It would allow for them all to be a lot more interesting, too, because it’s no longer, “How can we try to make things equally viable in all forms of content?”

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All these hashtags.

I don’t think any of you know what a ripcord does…

They have to jump out of the plane first.

It doesn’t help to pull a ripcord if there’s no parachute and you’re in freefall.

No other MMO I’ve ever played has locked stuff like this. I don’t know why Blizz thinks locking stuff important to our gameplay mechanics is somehow a good idea.

That change has both advantages and weaknesses.

You have to choose the two dps conduits you are gonna use, that is a lot harder now than before where you could add 3, the choice has become far more weighty which is good.

On the other hand many soulbind passive “dps” effects are far too weak and often times dps conduits were so much more interesting that there’s almost no chance you would choose to have only 1 dps conduit for the sake of a dps soulbind passive.