Blizz is offering free realm transfers off of Thalnos

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the language barrier issues.
So I guess my question is, are you planning to transfer off the realm?

What if you have a mix of people move over and you are in the same exact predicament as before? I’m a bit worried about the population of our realm.


I would love to, but they screwed us by not giving us a new realm.

“For approximately one day, the new realms will be restricted to only those players using a free character move. After one day, any player may create new characters there. This is to allow players using the free character move service a better chance at retaining the name of the character they’re moving.”

Unless you’re on Arugal, Incendius, Thalnos, Bigglesworth, Pagle, or Grobbulus, in which case sucks to be you.

I’m also curious what the plan is. It would make sense if it was a coordinated decision if Thalnos or Netherwind become the defacto Latin America server.

I agree with your statement about the language barrier. I would say close to 50% of trade chat is a foreign language and I have people yelling at me out in the world in Portuguese and I have no idea what they want (someone was asking for a rez). My biggest concern is population on the new server…I’ve been on a low pop realm before, and it wasn’t enjoyable at all.

Based on the chat, I think it makes more sense that the Portuguese/Spanish speaking people remain on Thalnos. I don’t want a low population server either, but I have faith that we’ll have another transfer option down the line.

I knew it was the unofficial Brazilian(Now SA) realm before I made my characters, but I didn’t think it would be so pronounced. It seems to be getting more imbalanced too. Chat was mostly English on launch. They’ll probably be happier with less English-only speakers too.

I imagine a lot of people accidently rolled on Thalnos who would like to get off there. Probably enough to solve any queue problems in fact.

I’m trying to convince our guild to leave Thalnos once transfers become available, a lot of us have already had bad experiences with BR players in dungeon groups. Plus the queues are really limiting playtime after the first week when I can no longer take half days at work.

interesting… i rarely run into non english speakers. How much time do you spend in major cities?

Not much, But everytime I go to a major city more then half the items are in spanish, And the guild spam is all spanish.

Probably because all the english speaking guilds are out in the world leveling. We spam our advertisements just not in major cities because we are never in them.

Maybe on alliance, But barrens chat is almost all spanish, Major cities are all spanish, And people looking for dungeons are mostly spanish on horde.

Ohh yeah… horde side is gonna have a ton more BR/SA players. I’ve known that from day one. They mostly play horde.

yeah feelsbadman, Gonna try figure out how many horde american players are planning to switch, I think my small guild is

I think a lot of us have the same question. The Brazilian contingent organized to decide on coming to Thalnos, so I think it’s only fair that someone from those organizing guilds make a statement to let us know what they plan on doing so those of us who would rather play on a different realm can choose accordingly whether we should transfer or not.

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DOesn’t matter to me, I own the english speakers and the spanish speakers alike, all around azeroth.


boarding the mayflower

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Yeah I’m one of those who had no idea going in that Thalnos was going to be the “unofficial br” server :\ I’m definitely considering xferring to NW if I know there’s going to be more english speakers there. It’s nothing personal against the latin community, it just gets really hard to communicate with such a language barrier. :frowning:


Netherwinder here. We are a predominantly English speaking realm, so I would assume most English folk would move over to us as Thalnos was supposed to be the SA realm. As for your concerns about low population server. Just like any of the other servers (at least during the morning), we are low population; however by prime time we are medium population. We’ve got no queues at this moment but I have a good feeling that we will hit High population once transfers start rolling in from Thalnos+Incendius.

Chat seems mostly English to me EXCEPT when I’m in a dungeon. There it almost always seems Spanish.

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im transfering my guild. about 30 ppl. all horde.