Blizz is going to Nerf Outlaw again

if they reduce the amount of targets then they have to increase the amount of BF damage. I’d be fine to have bf only hit 2 -3 targets @ 100% damage

Outlaw needs single target DPS buffs.

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While I agree with the “hard work pays off” sentiment in real life, I do not agree with hard work evens the playing field and you will surpass someone who isn’t putting in the same effort.

Let’s take a singer for example. You have people who are naturally inclined to music and don’t enjoy it so they don’t pursue a career, you have people who are not musically inclined and study hard to become the best musician they can be, then you have those who have a natural knack AND are willing to put in the same volume of time and passion into becoming truly great. Plus you just can’t overcome certain external factors that can greatly determine success.

Generally though, our complexity has led to the best of the best dominating with this class once vanilla. We’ve been meta times and again, but never ran so far above the pack that we had to be gutted. That’s great game design imho.

We’re enjoyable for those of us who just like the aesthetic. We’re deep enough to challenge those with a natural gaming affinity (awareness, manual dexterity, region making, etc) and balanced enough to exist in an environment where you can play a very different experience and still compete.

I’m critical of the game from time to time, and when it comes to numbers tuning just being off I start getting vocal (see my post about survival hunters in SL). I can’t agree with the rogue is OP sentiment or that our complexity should crush the rest of the competitors out of playing anything but orc rogues in pvp.

Oh well. I’m probably still going to play the spec, just as I have during it’s highs and lows.

I doubt they’ll nerf it as heavily as you’re thinking (p sure all of those would just kill the spec outright), but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets hit again.

Dragonflight 10.0.5 PTR Development Notes for January 12th, 2023 - Wowhead News

no mention of rogue. we good. some trolls in here :wink:

  • Outlaw
    • Killing Spree now reduces damage taken by 65% while active.
    • Fan the Hammer’s additional Pistol Shots now generate 1 fewer combo point.

That seems like an odd thing to nerf.

You are out of your mind if you think they’re gonna change blade flurry’s aoe cap from 8 to 3.


Hey! Let’s all take the blue geared rogue seriously…

Do not make fan the hammer proc less combo points, please

Stop. You are attacking an individual and have completely ignored the topic of OP.

Just saying on my DH I m+ I pretty use the same skill I use in AoE packs so is not much different then outlaw rouge

I sincerely don’t think it’s going to be a problem. I am under the impression that we’re losing cp due to over capping and this will help

Hope so. If it’s just over combo points cap that would be fine, but I’m not so sure

Your comments add nothing to the conversation. :roll_eyes:

The issue with outlaw is

You can do top-tier damg pressing like 4 buttons as they blink and light up alongside a Weakaura that yells at you if you need to re-roll your dice.

The class is nearly 100% automated there is no target swapping necessary or even multiple rotations needed to be learned, No CD management or anything. Your AoE rotation is your single target rotation while tapping BF every 10 seconds. With the CD reset passive you can freely spam large CD’s like Adrenaline rush.

Now yes you can come back and go “NUH UH! There are optimal times to use cd’s and do this or that” however that’s my point, even without optimizing everything you are going to outdamg 90% of the other classes simply due to bladeflurry pretty much being a 100% uptime buff with 0 thought behind it.

Trust me the reason that the number of people playing outlaw rogue is so bloated and high isn’t that they are all elite video game masters, it’s because as a wise man once said.

Just replace rogue with outlaw and its spot on

You play outlaw because it’s meta. I play outlaw because I think it’s fun. We are not the same.

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You barely play rogue at all… but ok.

the playstyle is pretty much ruined. no fluidity to it now.

hopefully some smarter rogues than me will find ways to make it better. this sucks lol

Absolute sage post. Outlaw has been ruined