Blizz, if you add more islands, please don't add new rewards!


So tired of running these over and over for such low drops I don’t have time to do anything else. So if you add new islands, please don’t add new rewards. I’m really getting sick of these (and PLEASE up the drop rates/let us purchase with dubloons…)

(Landcruiser) #2

Heres the only solution I have found to all the different currencies and rewards and armor grinding. It may seem kind of backwards, but me stress level has gone down.

I have one or two gathering profession/s and I AH or vendor everything I do not need.

No expulsum, no whatever core, no whatever guine, just gold in my bags and if I need something, I goto AH. I did start with LW and skinning, but that did not work out so well since I do not run dungeons. But since I only gather now, I am actually less stressed.