Blizz for SoM can we please remove or reduce respec cost

A lot of people love wpvp and bg’s, many more on pvp servers will be pvping since they won’t have to worry about getting/saving world buffs. Can we please reduce the gold cap or completely remove the cost for re-spec in SoM.

I imagine it will retain more players and subs since pvping doesn’t equate to gold making. Being able to hop over to raid and then be ready to pvp again after raid without sinking 100g+ a week would be great.


I agree as a pvper i would love to raid for items and to play with friends but the gold cost is too much.


The better solution is to just do Dual Talent. Leave respec costs alone make getting dual talent cost between 100-200 gold. You can then choose TWO SPECs… go raid and go pvp never have to spend a dime on respec again.

Edit* that requires respec AT the trainer!


Reducing respec cost seems way simpler than adding a dual spec system and it basically achieves the same goal.

I vote top it out at like 10g max.


Dual Spec is way simpler. It’s not hard to code. They already have it in other versions of the game that Classic is compatible with. It also keeps the feel of making hard choice with what talents you spend. Vanilla esque

No, it should still be a minor inconvenience. 50g is steep, it should simply be less.


Go down way faster.

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It’s ‘steep’ because it is a price that should never be reached.
It’s about opportunity cost. Long before ‘min maxing’ was a thing players saw the price of respec going up and up and realized… gee i’m not supposed to be changing talents every week twice. Maybe we should go back to enjoying the game for the game’s sake :stuck_out_tongue: Dual Talent fits with Vanilla and was as I’ve heard originally intended to be part of the game BACK in VANILLA. We’re bringing back boss difficulty in MC / Ony Dual talent truly fits with the Season of Mastery meta (summoning stones do not)

It would just be a lot simpler before launch in a few days to reduce the gold to 10 or 15 or something like that, much like how they cut the cost of the level 40 mount.

So blizz peeps, how about it eh? Let people raid and pvp without going broke and having to spend hours farming gold every week. Less likely people say “f this” and quit. I’ll even let you claim to your bosses that it was your idea so maybe you can get a pay raise for saving subs or something…idk.


Agreed - if there’s no class balance in this season, then at least reduce the cost to switch specs. I would love to play shadow in the open world and then swap to heal for raids.


ya lets get rid of all rpg elements and cater exlusively to min maxing so that way everyone can always be in the optimal spec at all times! Why should anyone ever have to make creative choices and compromises in their build?!?! In fact why dont we just make it so any one can switch their talents at anytime! We all love retail and thats why were playing classic wow instead so lets just bring more retail wow elements to classic!

Do you have a source for this?

post on your main… then people will take you more serious than a lvl 10 alt

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Switching specs is gated behind gold… you know that right?

This is SoM, not hashtag no changes classic, asking for a respec gold cap to be lowered leads to a rant about catering exclusively to min maxing seems overkill to say the least. It sounds to me like you would be happier having it less likely for people to be pvp spec outside of raid so you can have easier pvp fights or avoid more pvp fights.

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faster cadence means less time for gold farming, this is obvious to anyone who knows how to subtract.
Faster cadence means less downtime, less gold farming, less gold.
Less gold = inflation on gold sinks, like respeccing. Meaning respec cost should be reduced.

Also, you’re arguing slippery slope fallacy. A reduction in respec cost has nothing to do with removing respec costs or dual spec or swapping talents anywhere anytime or anything like that. You can stop panicking.

No, just what I’ve heard in back and fourths from people debating here in forums. It was said that they just didnt have the concept developed fully but would have implemented it had they been able.

Simplest solution is to do nothing lol

but they didn’t do ‘nothing’ they changed alot. simplest soluton is give us dual talent

I think saying simplest solution for adding an entire dual talent system to a game that never had it is incorrect. It would be a lot simpler to remove or reduce the gold re-spec cap like they reduced the gold cost for level 40 mount.

simplest is reducing the max cost to 1g. Dual spec is terrible for classic. Everyone has more than 2 specs that are viable in pvp/pve.