Blizz, Castweaving needs a source of ranged dps?

It’s obvious that castweaving is being buffed and making a return, but blizz we need a way to do dps (aoe and ST) from ranged. Allow Essence FONT to do damage if target is hostile (AOE) and then buff Crackling JL for single target, or buff Crackling JL and also let it spread to 8 nearby targets at 60% effectiveness.

I just got off my shaman that I haven’t played in forever, and man that ranged damage is sweet. I am too in love with castweaving to ever make a switch… But when I saw those numbers I got sooo jelly. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I agree that more options are needed for those moments of area denial. Outside of those moments, even casting build needs to be in melee. I love Zen pulse, it does aoe damage and can be a super chunky single target heals. Chi Burst/wave and CJL need massive buffs. Adding a talent like hunters have that allow us to temporarily extend the range of our melee abilities would even be worthwhile.

A punch and kick class the game treats as melee for mechanic targeting needs more ranged damage?


I don’t understand the gate keeping against mistweaver ranged damage

It’s silly to pretend that there aren’t two clearly defined archetypes in the mistweaver play style — they should lean into that and flesh out the ranged dps a little

Pretty simple:
-Essence Font deals damage when used with Thunder Focus Tea (have to give up EF buff and TFT for this so it’s fair)
-Every 4 ticks of SooM and REM casts generate a stack of Emperors Capacitor (regular SooM, Statue, and Unison boost this rate since more ticks) to discharge emperors capacitor. Versatile talent that you can use as fistweaver but get fewer discharges and then this would be like the primary dps for ranged MW. Bonus points if the lightning leaves a DoT that we can multiDoT with to add a little nuance besides SooM → Jade lightning → repeat ad infinitum

No offense but sometimes it’s good to want to play the other playstyles your spec has to offer. Change of kind is important design for a reason


I’m not saying they need to be competitive with caster healers but upping the DPS output on the ranged abilities we do have hurts nothing.

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Not you but Argo is very anti ranged dps and I don’t understand why we need to gate keep mw to melee only?

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No worries, I knew what you meant :grin:. If both styles are going to continue to be developed side by side then both should, imo, have close to equal DPS output. :person_shrugging:


Yea big gripe with MW right now is the only build that really does any damage is also really uncomfortable to heal with

Any other build instantly does less than 60% of the damage of Faeline / Awakened Faeline (but this profile is not great for tyrannical or bursting)

If you are not casting SCK at all and just do CJL, it’s like 6k dps at 445 ilvl 100% uptime it’s awful lol

Just really need ranged options for MW for those builds to be viable in M+ as damage is inevitably a component of the healer profile now

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Because I feel monks are a melee class (literally a punching and kicking class the game treats as melee for mechanics) that should be designed around melee (punching and kicking). Not a range dps based class.

It’s awesome that monks have fistweaving (the name for leaning into the damage to heal conversion playstyle) and Mistweaving (casted heals focused) as fun and different playstyles. Focusing on casted heals doesn’t make them a ranged spec though, and your entire melee toolkit is still intact it just doesn’t give healing without AT or faeline.

Gatekeeping the correct buzzword for someone disagreeing I guess?


With they way the current class tree is set up, MW are basically required to take chi burst/wave and both feel so bad they aren’t even worth pressing in most cases. If they aren’t going to rework the tree at least give those two spells a significant buff. MW hasn’t touched chi wave in over 5-6 years.


Chi burst has such a cool animation it is a little sad how bad it is.

Like a street fighter move.


Didn’t rushing jade wind used to have a damage component to it as well? Why can’t that be a thing?

I don’t think anyone is asking for a purely ranged heal/DPS build for MW, just for more options to add to DPS.


Gatekeeping is just saying “no that shouldn’t happen” without really elaborating; typically to support a small vocal community’s goals against what otherwise would be common sense and overall a healthy improvement to some system

Let’s make some corrections here historically speaking original monk was more caster focused but a group of the community worked very hard to make fist weaving viable and actually it was fist weaving that wasn’t viable for many expansions until only recently

Alright so if this is fun, let’s be realistic and also recognize that this is a competitive game, and that healer damage output is important to the design of the game. If we are going to continue to design the healing mechanics of ranged mw as such, then they just need ranged damage options as well

Finally, adding more damage options at ranged does not make us a ranged class. It’s filling out the archetype that they’ve created as the turret SooM spec. Making turret ranged abilities is cool too.

Furthermore, go dig into your DND roots my friend and study monk they have many ranged spell options. Even in the core rules they have a subclass for monk that uses elemental spells as a specialization in addition to their fist techniques; so it’s a little silly to say that monk is melee only tbh


We aren’t going to agree which is fine.

And most likely Blizz won’t do any of the changes the monk forums talk about.


I’m still really peeved that blizzard removed Mistwalk and then gave it to evoker under a new name. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I miss that ability. And they gave Fallen Order to druids under a new name and a slight tweak so they only heal.

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I mean I’d like to agree with you but you have not really made much of a case as why monk should be “melee damage only”.

Especially considering:
-monk DND archetypes
-M+ Design (DPS is a factor in healer selection)
-WoW monk design (MW and FW Specs within specs)

So far you’ve kinda just said “I think monks should punch and kick”

Especially as someone who has said in another post “As someone who plays SooM build I think that monk should stay melee” your opinion on why that should be is important

Considering those abilities are all chi abilities (so limited by nature of the game) that doesn’t really support your idea of strong ranged options.

It’s also in addition too the melee abilities. DnD monk is still primarily melee which is Argorwal’s entire point.

Not entirely true. There has been feedback here that has been implemented:

-Some of us asked for sheilun’s to come back early DF and it did w/ buffs
-Yulon/Chi’Ji buffs to make the gcd when we celestial feel less depressing happened in the way of 100k chi shields.
-CF being buffed/meta in raids happened ( giving some build diversity that people were asking for, even if via tier )
-They kept calming coalescence as a choice node after almost removing it awhile back ( very nice in some fort weeks/situations )
-Increasing AT’s range to 40 soon

There is probably more, but they deff have added/considered some of the changes people suggested here.

Monks being ranged is possible, but the problem is the way we function in raids with mechanics. ( IE which mechanics hit us or not is determined by us being melee+healer, so if we are in ranged we can potentially put melee effects into ranged groups/etc )

Assuming they dont split the 2 specs into 2 healers, they would need to add some kind of talent that swaps our melee abilities to ranged variants ( TP/BOK/RSK/Tstrike/etc ) but that talent would also need to let the system know we are ranged now instead of melee. Problem is I dont think many people understand this classification type stuff for raid mechanics - so it could be a source of confusion if not listed/described properly.

This might be why we dont currently have ranged options or a full ranged set up. It might not be so simple with how monk+mechanics are coded?

Who knows though, Im not a dev. I think they should work on the healing stuff and dead talents in the class tree before they worry about damage tbh. In reality healer damage contributions up to 20’s is whatever and an extremely small % of players dont care for higher than that. Most of your damage will come from SCK either way too so meh.

We need ways to buff damage that dont mess up AT/FL too. They easily could buff eye of the tiger, for example.

If they ever do give monks a ranged option I hope they give us a bow and let us be the first healer with a bow.

Options are always good.

Also this isnt DND, this is wow. In real life Monk were known to use “peasant” or farmer type weapons which included bows. Many monks were actually accomplished archers IRL. Again though, this is wow.

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Don’t need to design a whole ranged spell caster rotation, just a way to convert SooM to dps without as high of a reliance on SCK.

As of right now, there’s basically only dmg from trinkets and spinning crane kick

Even for FW it would be a good thing to have some flavorful attack options

It seems very straightforward and easiest fix is to make it so X SooM ticks → Y proc for Crackling Jade lightning so it can do like at least 20kish dps.

Like right now, you can only do comparable damage to other healer specs 30-40k with a Faeline build it’s just the truth. Any none Faeline build immediately huge loss in dps.

They should balance that out so we can play more builds in M+


Some kind of dmg talent where SooM builds stacks. Those stacks increase the dmg of CJL, on the very last stack it turns CJL into an aoe CJL that hits everyone if used? ( Spreads out that damage, gives us the otion to CJL as ST or aoe )?

Multi target CJL could look pretty cool tbh xD

Yeah. I get 20k just SCK without those talents. Ive seen huge SCK bursts when I lined up SI/ED/SG+Class trinket buffs. Though it’s only doable in groups that dont mess up frequently and you can fish for the main SG buffs and build these things up. Which is rare in pugging. ( you can see like 70-90k bursts on large packs with things lining up if no one needs healing )

Very much agree here but every time this statement is mentioned there are specific fey line people who don’t want to see that happen, because they probably like feeling special or something. Not to mention peak gunning for no spec variety/flavor other than ‘spin to win’. You cant even ask for slight buffs to underperforming talents without them losing their minds and trying to toss around meaningless insults. It’s surreal but fun to see them get so worked up over it. Just under 15% extra healing from s3 tier isnt enough for the one person, they need it to be stronger specifically/only with their fave build/talents, anyone else is damned.