Bliz, Replace the Ugly Dracthyr With Dragonspawn!

I would be willing to accept Dragonkin as the tanking form of dracthyr.

Hmmm… You might be onto something there.

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The Dracthyr are closer to Dragonspawn customization but Dragonman lore.

She totally owned that guy. Triggering her just ended up wrecking his life. And he deserved it.

Dragonspawn are a long shot. Drakonid have a chance.

I miss Argonians.
:lizard::beverage_box: :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

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The Zandalari are close to the environment.


Zandalari lore doesn’t even come close to the sheer insanity of the hist nonsense though.

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Zandalar is Blackmarsh, confirmed!
Void elf = Dark elf? :thinking:
Kul’tiran = Nord
Human = Imperials
Vulpera = Khajiit
Dwarf = Dwemer
Blood elf = Altmer

Hm… This just keeps going!

I really miss my elder scrolls games.

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They are never going to replace an existing race so it’s a waste of time to even ask.

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I rather have them as Playable ally race or something along those lines, not replace the Dracthyr.

the Dracthyr may bee ugly in you eyes but you do not speak for the rest of us.


The Dracthyr just don’t look right. They look wierd in a way that’s hard to explain except for being blunt about it and saying they look like stupid creatures. I guess the devs wanted to make them look elegant but failed to do so. Dragonkin are monsters. These particular monsters the Dracthyr just look ineffectual. Kinda lame in my book.

Edit: Oh wait! I finally understand why these Dracthyr look so bad. They remind me and possibly other people of a real lame character from star wars; Jar Jar Binks! The look is what the problem is. the Devs made Dracthyr look like Jar Jar Binks!

Neltharian explains why he prefers to make the dracthyr versus using the drakonid or dragonspawn

So you want to replace ugly with hideous?

Ummm where to even start.

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Reason why I never became a soldier and became a maintenance worker.

Neltharion thought I was only good enough for janitorial duties because I didn’t come out right.


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Frankly dragonspawn/drakonids are ugly >_>; I agree dracthyr heads could be a bit larger to make them more in proportion, but I LIKE the fact that finally we have a race that doesn’t look like they slurp steroids through a straw. Not everyone likes huge and muscular.

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Tbh they both look stupid. The new races should have just been something else. Probs sethrak cause everyone loves sethrak. Snek boys!

Understood. But keep in mind that we are talking about Dragonkin the creations of Dragons! For small cute heroes we have Vulpera. But Dragonkin denotes big brutal monstrocities. Well at least that’s my opinion?