Bliz please don't do this again to twinks i physically cant take this again with your game


Look its simple separating is why we are here.

Vanilla no xp or rewards. BEST TWINING EVER, COMMUNITY AND PLAYERS, in my heart forever!

BC: Edit: Queues for twinks never stopped, but we were harassed about twinks “dying” all the time, although it did nothing.

Wotlk: Separated bgs and boas released, more xp added, but we are still here!!!

Cata: SEPARATION EVEN MORE, 10 to 14, 14 to 19, 20 to 24 MERGED BATTLE GROUPS, so on BOA thing persisted, we were MORE than outraged…still some made 10 to 14 GUILDS that were doing amazing (Worst case of leaving games and holding flags ever to happen!)

MOP: Still Separated but twinks continued as we made enchant boas passed them off got a few bis greens/enchanted a g2g for a while longer (some just afk at end of game and not cap, uh WAY MORE TOXIC) THE RELEASE OF MERGE BATTLEGROUPs to help twink queues…did not help…

Wod: Most world pvp, Still separated, twinks still persisted, through ALL the heartache…changed back to 10 to 19, 20 to 29 and so on REMERGING these groups was the response. Many guilds fell apart due to this change, and really not a single person cared except who thought this change was to stay. WORSE RESPONSE TO THE ISSUE EVER. Twinks more powerful than ever…just no queues.


To save the non-heirloom players (I.e me, and everyone who played pre-wod who could get every piece or even 2-3 pieces + weapon) bring in the twinks to keep the heirloomed levelers in check? But then they also have to fight the twinks who will 0.5 shot them as opposed to the levelers who will 3 shot them.

We are asked, TO COME BACK!

Than we get hit by this, strictly to help you levelers out…

Blizzard response, the ILVL the same for everyone…seriously…wtf…LOL, STILL WE Persisted!!!

BOA: MERGED BATTLEGROUNDS, NOW QUEUES FOR ALL, REWARDS FOR ALL, TIME LIMITS ON EVERYTHING SO YOU ARE OUT FAST! BEST EXPANTION FOR TWINKS, AND YOU’RE QUEUES OF 2 to 3 lost games = 1 win in xp and queue would probably not have popped yet separated…yet…you still complain during a expansion called BATTLE FOR AZEROTH! Yet you still complain, wait, when haven’t you stopped its been 14 years since i heard?.. 2005 “Did you hear twinks are dead next patch LOL” STILL…WE PERSISTED WE WON, BLIZZARD AGREES IF THEY SEE IT OR NOT I DO 14+ YEARS TWINKING, NO BREAKS WILL QUIT IF SO, LET US PLAY!..WE EARNED THIS, MORE THAN YOU KNOW!

XP originally was not men’t for player vrs player rather pve, there is Always, questing, dungeons, raids, grinding and now even gathering prof., dailies, and other ways not so often used so why mention. Out off all you can split off to go do, we do not deserve our pvp and arenas?

NOW 8.1.5 XP ON and XP OFF SPLIT AGAIN…my whole life all i worked for, MY direction in the game, a complete joke, a waste…i am ruining the whole game i guess…

Sorry for spelling, been up most the night, due to anxiety from RL.


Slooooow Dooooooown life is to be savoured, take a deep breath everything will be all right.


Leveling Grounds.


This was my life…


Yeah, we’re all just levelers here. Got a 29 Hunter that I leveled from approximately 14 in the battlegrounds!


Have you tried MB some Allied races? fastest queues around.


I don’t faceroll, its rated rbgs or arenas till i burn out hoping to some god that twinking will be back before than or…i honestly don’t know, till i am there. :frowning:


I used to be a twink once, than i took an arrow on the knee

Every Twink must be feeling like this right now.


They are, I hear it really hurts.
Lets just hope there is some compassion left. :pray:

Edit, Looks like actions like this killed the queues for entire brackets last evening.