Blinding the Eyes in the Sky Bugged

Blinding the Eyes in the Sky quest in Icecrown

Skybreaker Recon Fighter planes are not spawning around the quest area in Icecrown, so the quest cannot be done.


just came to say this. there are no planes spawning. this is one of several bugs i have seen in icecrown. awful experience questing here.

confirmed they do not spawn

this is frustrating. im 1 quest away from getting the icecrown achievement on my tailor so i can make the deathchill cloak. and i cant get it due to this quest.

Bugged for two days, my ticket was answered with “check wowhead”“disable addons” “log in and out” “abandon quest” nothing worked.

Having the same problem, cannot find any skybreaker recon fighters.

Having the same issue, the horde dragonhawk riders are there, but no alliance planes to be seen, and no players on the ground shooting them to explain their absence.

Correct having the same issue


Bump… HELLO BLIZZARD? can we get a fix on this? STILL not working

Another bump.

Also, fun fact: this quest has been bugged since beta. Bugged Quests

Came here to bump this thread as well. I tried disabling add-ons, resetting ui, abandon quest, nothing works. the Skybreaker Recon Fighters just do not spawn.

Bumping this as it has yet to be fixed and I need this quest done to complete the zone… HALP

I’m having the same issue described above. Hoping for a response.

With a recent hotfix, the Skybreaker Recon Fighters should now be present on this quest.