Blinding Light - I hate this talent

Hi my fellow pink friends!

This is purely just me venting but I just want to share how much I hate Blinding Light, especially when you compare to a talent like Shining Force, and why it’s just a waste of a talent option.

First of all, it clears any dots on the enemy making it useless in PvP, and is broken by anything other than holy damage, so unless you’re hanging out with a disc priest…

Secondly lets compare it against Shining Force,

  • it costs more than twice the amount of mana ( 6% vs 2.5%)
  • it has TWICE the CD… twice! (1.5min vs 45sec)
  • SF is a powerful Knockback, BL is barely even CC

The talent just feels like a trap.
thanks for reading.


Other than the Cooldown I find it useful, really wish it wasn’t a talent though and just came baseline like it used to. The last thing this game needs is more knockbacks, it pretty stupid that priests even get one considering all the tools they already have. Still that said it would be nice to have Prots Steed of Glory knock upish knockback.


Blinding Light is clutch AF in RBGs as Hpal <3

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right?! maybe 9.2… pls Blizz lol

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BL is a pretty bad talent. My RBG leader will immediately kick any holy paladin that runs the talent upon invite, he doesn’t even give you a warning to change it, just an instant boot.

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Well isnt he just a peach and a pillar of the community and not a jerk at all…:roll_eyes:


I do M+ & feel like it’s a must have talent tbh. Wish it was baseline tbh.
Not having an interrupt sucks…but oh well.

Thinking of DoS birds channel.
Thinking of Shrooms in Plaguefall.
Thinking of that Spider chick in Plaguefall


that’s fair I guess, I don’t PvE much.
still though, 1.5min CD… like. Why.

In PvP and PvE BL might be considered a CC by definition but you don’t take BL for the CC, you take it for the AOE interrupt. It is like a Druid Incap Roar but on a longer CD. Holy can use it as a kick, Ret gets a 2nd kick with it and a Prot gets kick # 568 with it.

If you are relying on it for CC it will most likely let you down.


don’t rets use it to set up combos to pop people like zits in arena?

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Okay so, again, (not a flex) but I’m literally HoTA HPally and run Blinding Light every game. Whoever your rbg “leader” is, probably hasn’t played much above 1800. Aoe blind is op af, doesn’t dr with HoJ, cheap shot. Amazing for peeling melee off heals, flag cap, silvershard op af.

In addition to that, mass interrupt. GG


yea yea yea… I’m gonna level with ya… I’m mostly just jealous we don’t have a knockback. (it’s CD is also still BS)

I don’t pvp. It in keys blinding light is huge. Aoe interrupt? Yes please I’ll take some of that.
Stopping mobs running in plague fall or stopping the adds from spawning after the big mobs die. Short term blinding the small adds on 1st boss etc if we are close to a kill etc.
It’s so good but I do wish it’s CD was shorter. I keep trying to use it after my bear has roared to chain interrupts but it’s a way longer CD


I feel that, I pretty much only RBG so I can see it being useful in other areas, but the fact that we as a healer have a ranged execute is really nice too. But the prot charger knockback would be cool. I’m never against us getting more things that we probably shouldn’t have haha. I guess in retort to not having a knockback, we do have hoj, blinding light, charger, freedom to make space.

For pvp, all i’m gonna say is:

Non-holy damage will break the disorient effect.

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I know i do , works well when 1v2

An aoe cc is very good for things like m plus. Its also not useless in pvp. It can be very strong in pvp. Its a cc that doesnt break on holy damage. Meaning you can use it as an extra stun while your bursting things down. Its situational for sure. Its also amazing for mplus. I just wish it were baseline tbh

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I can count on one hand the amount of times BL has actually done anything. That entire tier is useless though, not just BL.

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Eh, sorry but a ranged kick is something I find very useful in m+ and BGs

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