Blessing of Spellwarding removal

Any chance that the Paladin core tree can gain something else in the place of Blessing of Spellwarding since it was removed?

Mechanically, paladins haven’t received any new or interesting abilities, with blessing of Spellwarding being at available to Retribution and Holy being somewhat of a highlight for the class and something to look forward to. With its removal, there is nothing that really makes me look forward to playing the class in Dragonflight


Blessing of spellwarding was literally the only new and exciting thing in the paladin tree. Now thats gone…

It would have been really helpful for Ret to survive against casters in pvp too, and bring useful group utility in pve.


lmao. they would use it offensively mainly, so they don’t get peeled/cced. Good riddance.

Maybe a different version where it is purely defensive.

This PvP crap is just a poor excuse. You can literally set it to 5 seconds max for PvP only and its fixed. Instead they remove the only good and exciting utility left with 0 explanation. The dev has no clue and ignores all feedback from 1k+ posts.

Okay first of all yes its an immunity but it gives forbearance and so does bubble, so you cant use them back to back. And who cares if it would be used offensively? Thats a choice the paladin can make just like most classes can use their defensives to get damage out, very few cant. If they use it offensively then they wont have it to survive with. Ret paladins are extremely vulnerable to snares, roots, and being trained down, especially from casters. Having spellwarding would give them another chance to survive a go.

Sure, give us a purely defensive one then

Actually this is a fantastic point.

If the intent behind removing Blessing of Spellwarding from the class tree was due to it’s power level, why didn’t they just reduce the duration of the spell for Holy/Ret or implemented it at a higher cool-down with reduction talents in the Prot tree?

This honestly just seems like they put no real thought behind this move

Well they could put Echoing Blessing in its place. I don’t know why its exclusive in the holy tree, plenty of rets used its conduit in SL.
Either way Echoing Blessing should be in the class tree.

There are also some of Torghast paladin related abilities they could also add to the class tree. Maybe remove some of those through put passives. Make the tree a little more interesting. For instance.

Soul-Touched Reins
Grand Crusader, Art of War, and Infusion of Light reduce the remaining cooldown of Divine Steed by 5 sec.

5 seconds might be too much for what the devs would consider giving to paladins. But given the massive nerf to Art of War procs it shouldn’t need to much of an adjustment.

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What? It is a 100% defensive talent.

In any case they need to balance this game for PVE first and foremost. I like PVP but it’s the sideshow, not the other way around. More players PVE, more content for PVE. If something’s gotta break, it’s PVP. The only sane reason spellwarding was removed is because of PVP, but it (and other nerfs, increased CDs) made the spec pretty bland in general.

Maybe they can give us turalyon’s might, which is a teleport. :smiley:

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