Blazing Thorns (Guardian druid 4pc bonus) fades on M+ boss pull

Blazing thorns, the buff from the guardian druid amirdrassil 4pc set bonus, is fading prematurely when pulling a boss in a M+ dungeon.

For example:|425448&view=events&start=911466&end=985107

The buff (which normally lasts 45s) fades after 11s, with full absorb remaining, when Dresaron is pulled.

It is possible this is affecting the 2pc bonus (Dream thorns) as well, though I can’t verify that right now.

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This could be by design. Some buffs - and even some player resources (warrior rage and warlock soul shards spring to mind) - are deliberately dropped or otherwise limited when entering boss combat to discourage certain behaviours, lest they become “required” for optimal performance.

Hence the focus on M+ dungeons, where these resets usually do not happen (rage doesn’t reset, for example) because there’s no sense in them.

I assume it resets on raid boss pull, and I’d consider that reasonable. It’s bugged because it is happening in M+.

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Has this happened in multiple dungeons? Or only in DHT?

Maybe it’s not so much that the tier set is bugged but rather a dungeon that’s being finnicky about it in some way.

Every dungeon and boss. Noticed it in Fall, just grabbed a random log as an example.

Still bugged as of yesterday when I was last doing keys