Blaumeux Realm NO TOURISTS PLZ

What you’re doing is shutting the garden gate on a tsunami.


because you asked so nicely, I most definitely will do this


I just try to be nice to others so they will be nice to me
golden rule, right?

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Isn’t this realm labeled New Players? Good luck.

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I don’t think any of those guys are gonna go on the newest lowest pop realm.

Nothing like that is on the Classic Realm list and more Realms are coming out on August 26.New WoW Classic Realms Are Open - Monday, August 26 - #5 by Arch-ragnaros

Maybe my eyes played tricks on me last night. Could of sworn I seen that. I was pretty tired though.
I reserved 3 more names on Grobb. I should have gotten down on this name sniping. I hear there’s good gold in it.

I’m in your realms, idling in Northshire for 2 hours on launch day then never opening the client again.


Low pop are going to be a tourist destination early on. Since players go the route of least resistance chances are you’re going to see a lot of people trying it same with all the other lower pop servers. There’s a good portion who don’t read forums or watch streamers. So its going to be names that attract most people trying it by themselves. I know if i was wanting to try it out id definitely go where i was told not to. That is like asking people to come there. :slight_smile:

oh please tell me what to do

Blaumeux has excellent faction balance and a mature community.
The discord is if anyone is interested.

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Just visiting to remind everyone that Fairbanks needs more Alliance.

I say the more the merrier. In fact I moved my characters from Whitemane to Blammo and got my top 3 names. That alone should be enough incentive for some players to come over - the name availability.

Lower your expectations

Chances are every realm will be packed full on Monday anyways

No matter what we will probably have tourists.

Yeah tourists are inveitable.

Im excited to call the blowme server my home. I will be here for years to come.


Everyone can play where they want, old, new even tourists will not hurt the server in the long run. These servers have massive amounts of people on them compared to vanilla wow. I would be very surprised to see any of them die completely.

dead server?

It’ll be high/full launch day.