Blanchy and shadowform

Not sure how many people know this, but Blanchy (mount) interacts with shadowform by getting rid of the ugly shadows rolling on your character’s skin.

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so does the toy Heartsbane Grimoire


I keep that toy on my action bars in shadow spec for that reason

It also has no CD so you can always have it on

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I think Blanchy actually works even better because it doesn’t give you the weird blue sparkles.

True enough, but the blue sparkles does remind me of crow feathers and that just reminds me the days of old when Shadow Priests had Ravens floating around them.

That goes away everytime you enter voidform. I wonder if that’s working as intended?
Also Thaumaturgist’s orb brings back the ravens.

aye, that is the only downside but there is a way to macro it so everytime you recast it it removes the buff and reapply it.

I use

/cancelaura Heartsbane Curse
/use Heartsbane Grimoire

For my shadowpriest. So everytime I go into VF and come out of it, I just reapply it, that and zoning into another zone.

And yeah, I wish Thaumaturgist orb just had a bigger buff time and a much shorter CD to use. With both the grimoire and the orb I look so cool.