Blade Flurry Nerfed Back to 40% in DF

So i just looked at the latest Alpha built class changes for DF and Blade Flurry is back to 40% down from 60% … Seems like blizz cant make up their minds … Buffed outlaw then take it away in DF

Looking at the numbers themselves makes no sense at this stage. Its well known that blizz does tuning last and we arent even in Beta.

Also, it’s possible that the build they have on the alpha was based on a version of the game that precedes the latest buff to outlaw. Like Xanthron said, meddling with DF tuning at this point is simply a waste of time for them. I think wait and see closer to the release.

There’s also a talent that brings the target cap up to 8 so that could be why they reduced the damage.

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Yea but your not gonna run into 8 mobs all the time its usually like 4 or 5 per pull

Yeah, if you’re playing with some boomer tank who does pulls like it’s still TBC.

Higher keys you cant pull everything

Right, because anything over 5 = everything.

This is why they did it.

You need to check some more youtube videos or twitch streams because people are definitely doing big pulls in M+.