Blacksmithing Advertisement (RP Work)

Pinned to a wall outside the Inn a sheet of paper clearly showing an image of a forge and anvil, reads:

My Forge stays hot, and my Anvil ready for any seeking Arms or Armor.

Each and every person that has reason to Arm themselves, from Vengeance sake to Protecting one’s own Realm. Did you drink a few too many ales and now your breastplate no longer fits, it’s no problem for me. From Knights equipment to a Peasant’s axe we will forge whatever you need. Angerforge is one of the finest Smith’s around swing on by Dwarven District and see the work for yourself!

We still hone the axe!
Shadowforge Master Smith
Khazendan Angerforge

For those seeking a Blacksmith for any RP Weapons or Armor, that wishes it to be within acceptable Lore, or maybe you just want something special that you could easily explain. Or even if you want your gear maintained, or altered. I’m here to help. Feel free to contact me in-game via whatever means.

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