Blackout Combo talent question, Brewmasters

The talent is located in the Brewmaster spec tree on the right, 2nd to last (bottom) row.

It states: Blackout Kick also empowered your next ability:
Celestial Brew: Gain up to 3 additional stacks of Purified Chi.

EDIT: I see it now: “Increases the absorption of your next Celestial Brew by 60%.” But it still doesn’t make sense to me because this buff only lasts 14 seconds and Celestial Brew has a 36 second cooldown. You have to USE Celestial Brew FIRST to even get the buff, but once you do that, you don’t seem to be able to USE the buff. ???

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This is the Improved Celestial Brew talent at play. Stacks are accumulated via purifying brew usage, blackout gives you a bonus 3 when your building them up for your next CB.

The stacks accumulate if using purifying brew with enough frequency.