Black Silithid mount question

Can the Scarab Lord mount be used inside of the AQ gates?

If it can, I’d understand why an entire guild would want them so they could speed run the raid as quickly as possible without worrying about any mounts dropping inside.

Good luck to whoever plans on speed running these 2 raids. I hope to see Apes in that list once the gates open up.

The mounts drop like candy inside the raid but, yes, the black battle tank can be used inside the raid.

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Dats some good quality trolling.

All of them can be used inside AQ, and that’s why they are there because AQ 40 is a huge raid that takes a stupidly long time to traverse. It even has a teleport to skip most of the trip after you clear to a certain point. Blizzard really got carried away with the size of that raid.

The thing with the unique time exclusive black bug mount is that it can be used outside AQ. The normal ones can’t. Accounts that get that thing will probably go for a few grand later on because it’ll never be obtainable again.