Black Screen Upon Character Login

I’ve seen this issue posted a few times in various threads and I’ve followed all the steps in Blizzard’s own support on this issue however nothing seems to be solving the problem. I’ve disabled all possible overlays as well.

I am currently using a RTX 3070 (using the latest Nvidia drivers).

Anyone have luck with solving the black screen issue?

Thanks in advance.

Make sure to include your DxDiag if you want to troubleshoot this.

Thanks for the info. Not sure how I can paste it in here since it exceeds the max character limit. Can I post a link to pastebin?

Post the part of the pastebin link that is after the slash.
ie., past the XXXXXX part.

Thanks. Attaching the pastebin: pastebin. com/vvr2Dhk0

I’ve had the same issue on a 2070 super. DirectX 12 is the culprit, which is unfortunate because you can’t enable RTX without it. It works fine while windowed, or if you hit your windows key it displays fine. Very strange. I know they say dx12 is an open issue with win7 but it seems to extend at least somewhat to win10.

That’s not a DxDiag. Please follow the steps for the DxDiag, not MSInfo.