Black lotus and spawn camping \abuse by bots

Basically you randomize it so that it spawns at the same rate but in place of any other random herb in the zone. This rewards people who actually play the game and enjoy going on herb runs with stories on how they got a random BL and punishes all of these bots that are just camping the spawn points and other forms of abuse. The only reason BL is getting so expensive is because there are a few guilds focused on camping all the lotus so they can corner the market and inflate the prices. Or have the herb spawn is such a fashion like getting them randomly in say a Mountian silversage, ice cap, or plague blossom harvest kind of like it is with swifthistle but at a lower rate. Something needs to be done about this BWL and raids that are going to require flasks are coming up fast and the community is getting farmed out my botters and farmers what are your thoughts guys. I know that the increase will drop the prices but honestly do you want to benefit of flasks or not lol.