Bizarro World Exercise: World of Craftwar

Some of you may remember a poster named Drakyn, who recently left the board. I helped edit a project he was working on, imagining a completely flipped version of the story going back to the very beginning, where the humans are the invaders of the orc homeworld.

Since this seems like the kind of thing others on this board might enjoy, I’ve gotten Drakyn’s permission to drop a link here. (Warning: it’s pretty long.)



High Elves joining the invasion and progressing the entire High Elven fantasy towards Void Elf fantasy as they take more and more of outland would be pretty neat.

This is pretty cool and also in many ways hilarious. Only read up to the start of Cat a Clysm so far, can’t wait for more Orc Potential and eventually Human Fatigue!


Honestly read this and thought it was an alternative game where instead of fighting all the time the Alliance and Horde instead held Iron Chef style profession contests. Like Trials of Tailoring or Enchantment Engagements

I don’t know if Drakyn wants to keep this up on Google Docs, so I figure I’ll paste more of it into this thread. (Reminder, this is written by Drakyn; I just proofread it and offered a few suggestions.) I’ll pick up where I left off in the first post.

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