Binding shot nerf kinda sucks

See, I feel like roots in general should be longer lasting and harder to break- especially mages, since they lack any actual hard CC on targets they want to kill.

This hit to binding shot just kinda kicks hunters while they’re down, not a fan. God forbid your M+ strat works in a way these clowns don’t like, I guess.


Of course the beloved druid’s OP Mass Entanglement lasting an absurd 30 seconds with only a 30 second cooldown will never get touched.

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Mages have it the worst, deep freeze was pruned without any compensation, and yet frost nova still breaks from a stiff breeze.

I agree, its time they made some serious changes, damage should not be able to break the root. :slight_smile:


Hey, it’s always a good idea to start pruning and removing abilities during large content droughts

Remember: Hunters are really not in a position to be taking nerfs like these. Our desirability in M+ has been declining for a while now and this makes it a lot worse.

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I have no idea why they keep trivializing aoe CC this way. Maybe design your mobs to be a little bit more than mindless melee drones, then?

They should reverse the binding shot nerf. It is a staple of the Hunter Kit. This xpac has felt like the devs are constantly bogging down the game with unwanted changes. Like the potion change and the drinking change the aoe cap.

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Bunch of bloody control freaks, compensating for their generally awful design decisions and lack of talent, I guess?

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+ MM gets especially screwed by this change. It lacks any form of stun and the compensation for that is having Binding Shot baseline instead. Now they effectively lose all the benefit of that.

And is easily broken upon damage. But we’ll just leave that part out.


How much you wanna bet that they are so inept, that they are balancing around the Sylvanas bow that will be useless next patch?

This nerf has been cancelled. Binding Shot will not break on damage in 9.1.5.


Glorious, there’s hope after all.

How dare they call the shots in their game?

Roots break after 7k damage. What are you talking about?