Bind-on-Equip Items from Mythic Raid in Early Season 1

Seems pointless to me. A52 and Illidan services chat is going to be rolling like Asmon’s Twitch chat with funnel service ads. Not stopping anyone from P2W, just closing a beloved farming area for a few weeks for not much reason.

A52 is sort of peaceful now with limited or no adverts rolling. About to change in 1 day.

And I am not sure if they nerfed it, but you used to be able to join a M+, then leave as it launched and possibly collect loot when the team finished the run. You do that with several teams of M+ and you will get a mail full of epics funnelling in. I know some Chinese raid teams did that for a RWF in shadowlands. Not sure if that is nerfed.

Best decision so far well done.

Can blizzard change item rarity someday, please? ^-^

If you can buy gear from a vendor for honor or gold it should probably be common, while the majority of reputation gear should be common and uncommon with maybe an occasional rare. You get the point!

-Normal Raid an lower should be common and uncommon gear, with an occasional rare.

-Heroic Raids should be mostly uncommon and rare.

-Mythic Raids should be rare and epic.

Establish an equivalent system for mythic+ dungeons.

Also, it’d be cool if very hard to obtain legendaries we’re brought back, where you have to gain rare materials and components through different content and professions to create one.

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will they be tradable to other players in the group? because if not i can’t wait to get some ilvl 415 bop cloth boots or w/e on my paladin. that 50-80g vendor price will make me rich.

Let me see if i understand this you want normal raid to drop white/green gear ? So in other words raids have no point what so ever unless you do them on the hardest mode .
Im sorry but no one would bother with raids for gear with no stats from common

They normalized stats based on ilvl a long time ago, so the color of the border or text does not matter.

Also tier is back, so that is the main carrot for better gear in group content - not the item color.


I’m … going to remember … you said this…

I know the color doesn’t really matter and that the stats are all that are really important.

I also remember when there was a time when getting a purple FELT like a accomplishment. It’d be neat if blizzard brought back that sense of accomplishment by changing some colors.

Changing the gear rarity colors takes almost none effort and doesn’t effect stats at all. It does create a more proper representation of the difficulty of obtaining the items though.

A rather foolish plan. They’ll be sold for outrageous prices by those who simply want to be Wow’s version of Elon Musk, and who already have more gold than they’ll ever need.
As always.

Changing rarity color does not affect gear stats at all. Make the rarity color reflect the difficulty for getting the items.

I think this is kinda stupid, as its essentially just there to speedbump the world first race.

Thankyou for admitting that this has released with incomplete features

Why hasn’t this happened yet? It is already week 4 of raiding and RWF is long over.

Seems the time should be right now

I figure this will change when the catalyst is available… which should have already happened. Or when the bi-weekly sparks quests go weekly, in which case again… it should have already happened.

With today’s 10.0.5 patch,

  • Epic items that have a chance to drop off of non-boss enemies in Mythic Vault of the Incarnates are now bind-on-equip.
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uncap valor


May I ask, does this make legendary armor pieces which were craftable, like in shadowlands transmogable?